While elite quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees prepare to spend the next few months in courtrooms, another elite quarterback is finding other ways to stay occupied.

The weird thing about this TMZ shot of the Super Bowl MVP in Hawaii is that Rodgers was recently in a relationship with Gossip Girl star Jessica Szhor. Szhor is not blonde. So unless she has dyed her hair, Mr. Rodgers has found someone else. And she has quite the tattoo on her lower back.

Just saying.

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  1. No girl is gonna pin that guy down. Good for him. Casually date girls and it is back page tabloid smatter, have a long term relationship or get married and cheat and you can guarantee front page news and stories on ESPN.

    Go drink your haterade and don’t tell me the other guys are playing law and order just because they go to court one day a month.

  2. That was sarcasm. If I were an NFL player, I think I’d be right where Rodgers is.

  3. I wish that blond girl was me-__-

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