• Another day, another round of speculation in the Rocky Mountains as the Broncos try to figure out what they’re doing with their second overall pick. But at least for a moment it’s not a quarterback under John Elway‘s broken microscope, it’s Da’Quan Bowers. But isn’t Bowers sliding after his knee surgery and a relatively unimpressive Pro Day? Yes, and that’s exactly why Denver may entertain the idea of trading down with a willing, QB-needy partner in the first round. The Titans at No. 8 would be a logical fit.
  • And now we return to our regularly scheduled Broncos QB speculation. ESPN’s Bill Williamson writes that the Broncos are looking at all the potential quarterbacks available in the second round. If Elway wants to call Josh McDaniels‘ selection of Tim Tebow a mistake, Williamson says he’s more than entitled to that decision as the new boss. But taking a QB in the first two rounds would certainly mean the end of the Tebow era in Denver, an era that’s only three starts old.
  • While Bowers was busy with a meeting in Denver Monday, Cameron Jordan was charting his own hectic start to the month of April. The powerful and agile defensive end from Cal is widely projected for the middle of the first round, and is considered a versatile pick because of his ability to play the position in both a 3-4 and 4-3 front. Jordan has already visited with the Lions and Panthers, and will meet with five more teams in the coming weeks.
  • If Darnell Dockett has his way, Von Miller will be playing in Arizona whenever the NFL and its players decide they would like to resume being North America’s juggernaut sports league.
  • The Battle Red Blog is beginning the incredibly depressing exercise of counting down the Texans’ top 10 draft busts. Yep, the franchise hasn’t even existed for a decade, and there are already 10 busts. Surprisingly, David Carr brings up the rear, but the argument is made that although Carr certainly buried his own career, he was put in a position to fail when he was drafted first overall in 2002 by then GM Charley Casserly.
  • The Colts have some fellow named Peyton Manning as their quarterback. We’ve heard he’s pretty good, but he’s also 35 years old and entering his 14th NFL season. That’s at least in part why Indianapolis is seriously considering drafting Andy Dalton. The other half of the equation is that eventually the tires have to wear a little thin for the incredibly durable Manning, and Indy would like to upgrade their backup quarterback, a position currently held by Curtis Painter.
  • In his attempt to answer 10 of the draft’s most pressing questions, USA Today’s Jim Corbett tells us that Warren Moon still thinks the Panthers are locked in on Cam Newton.
  • Arrowhead Addict can’t figure out what was going through Mike Vrabel’s head when he had an apparent misunderstanding at a casino that resulted in an arrest. We can’t either, but an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist still remains a possibility.
  • These videos are clearly a little old, but they’re new to me, so maybe you’ll find them amusing too. When the lockout began Jimmy Kimmel was nice enough to provide job opportunities for NFL players. He started with Antonio Gates
  • That went well, so next DeSean Jackson took his turn as a production assistant…

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  1. I have a heard a rumor that college football teams and the major networks are in secret talks to set up games for Sundays in the fall if the NFL contiuues with the lockout. Supposedly there are discussions going on with a national plan for the major networks that have the rights to college football games to televise games on Sunday. Man would this be great for the fans.

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