He even wrote it down in his diary, an entry that probably read something like this:

“Roger Goodell told a very funny joke on Monday. He said that all players should be tested for HGH when he should be talking about getting us back on the field in August instead.”

I may have made that up, but not the last part. Derrick Mason made his weekly radio appearance on 105.7 FM in Baltimore and tore into the NFL commissioner for his comments earlier this week regarding HGH testing. On Monday Goodell insisted that HGH testing will be included in the new CBA, and the Ravens wide receiver made it abundantly clear that he thinks Goodell should learn to prioritize.

“He needs to stop crying about blood tests and HGH. He needs to try to get a deal done, that’s what he needs to do. He’s been on this crusade about HGH, but he needs to be on a crusade about getting these owners together and trying to work out a deal. To me, he’s a joke, because every time I look, he’s talking about performance enhancements instead of talking about trying to figure out a way to make sure football is played in August.”

Then, to further the alpha male chest thumping, Mason said he would even call Goodell “a joke” to his face. Oh snap!

“He’s a grown man, and I’m a grown man,” said the veteran, whose birth certificate does indeed identify him as a grown man (he’s 37). Mason also said that he’s hesitant to submit to a blood test for HGH, saying it’s “too intrusive” and there are “other ways and methods” of testing.

While both the players and the league have taken the same obvious stance against HGH, coming to an agreement on testing has been another matter. The players have previously voiced their opposition to blood tests, but said they would be open to a proposal from the league during this round of CBA negotiations.