Only a week ago Mark Ingram was a no-doubter first round pick. Now Mikel Leshoure may be emerging.

  • In a matter of hours one of the most important court dates in the history of the NFL begins in Minnesota. We’d post some kind of intelligent sounding review of the details that basically recaps the same information we’ve been writing for weeks now, but Mike Florio already did that. So you should just go read his breakdown and then come back here, and we’ll carry on. Cool?
  • Back already? Don’t lie, you didn’t read the whole thing. There will be plenty of time today to discuss legal matters, but for now we forge ahead with the draft. Comparing soon-to-be rookies with established NFL superstars is a risky game at best, and a downright dirty lie at worst. We’re sure that at some point Ryan Leaf was compared to Joe Namath and Johnny Unitas, and look how that ended. But maybe if they hear it enough, these draft prospects start to believe it, and that may be good news for the Bills. Robert Quinn‘s name has been mentioned in the same sentence as Julius Peppers and DeMarcus Ware, and he was in Buffalo yesterday along with Cameron Jordan.
  • Offensive line help has been a popular pick for Detroit at No. 13, but upgrading a poor run defence that surrendered nearly 125 yards per game would be nice too. Akeem Ayers may be a slight reach at that spot in the first round, so if the Lions decide they’d like to wait to seek reinforcements at outside linebacker then Mason Foster may be an ideal second round selection, especially given his close ties to the Detroit coaching staff.
  • Sorry Jets fans, but your chances of landing the kingpin of this year’s free agent class–yeah, yeah, whenever free agency actually exists–are remote. But yes, we’re saying there’s a chance.
  • David Garrard is thinking realistically about the draft, knowing that the Jaguars are likely going to hand-pick his replacement at some point in the early rounds.
  • Last week I was looking at recent draft trends, and noticed that typically there are at least two-to-three running backs selected in the first round, and this year it’s likely that only one will be announced on April 28 by Roger Goodell. So this is what I said to myself loudly at my desk for all to hear: “self, I think we’ve found some good writing material.” And so a post dipping into the likely second and third round RBs was written, with names like Mikel Leshoure coming off the board in the second round, well behind supposed first round shoe-in Mark Ingram. Fast forward a week, and maybe Ingram isn’t a sure thing after all, and maybe he’ll be replaced by a rising Leshoure. Maybe.
  • Our investigative journalism skills have led us to the name of Aaron Rodgersnew mystery girlfriend. She’s Destiny Newton, and she’s apparently a bartender in the Super Bowl Champs’ hometown of Chico, California. So to review, Rodgers isn’t just beating Ben Roethlisberger in championship games, he’s also offering lessons in how to properly and legally work the bar scene.

And we digress…

Substitute any intense NFL rivalry with Red Sox/Yankees, and then watch this father give his crying infant a lesson in the ways of sports fandom. Somewhere there’s a poor child with the misfortune of being born into a Cleveland Browns household screaming “BUT I LOVE THE EEELERS!!!”