History comes at a pretty steep price nowadays. Think Babe Ruth’s rookie card would look nice on your mantle? I hope you have $517,000 to spare. How about the first Superman comic book? Now that would make for a pretty sweet bathroom reader, but you better find $350,000.

Good thing a piece of Vikings history will only cost $4.

When the Metrodome roof collapsed in the early morning hours of Dec. 12 last year due to heavy snow, we were all given a fitting metaphor for the colossal mess that Minnesota’s season had become. Now, those faithful Vikings fans who endured the demise of their coach who looked like a Viking and their gimpy grandpa quarterback can take a piece of that collapsed roof home. They’ll get a tour of the facility that’s currently under repair too, and they’ll get it all for just slightly more than the cost of a box of Kraft Dinner.

The Metrodome is now offering tours for those wishing to see the roof replacement efforts, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The lucky first 2,000 people who sign up will get their tour, and they’ll also take home their very own piece of the old roof for that bargain price of $4.

I wonder if each person can rip off their own piece and walk away with a 10-foot chunk, or if there’s a strict limit to the amount of torn bubbledome material per individual?

One thing’s clear though: some pretty sweet Christmas gifts are going to be under trees around Minnesota next year.