One day after a Minnesota judge urged the league and its players to renew talks before she’s forced to render a decision in an antitrust lawsuit filed by the trade organization formerly known as the NFLPA, the owners are reportedly prepared to reach out and request the two sides resume mediation.

The only problem is that, earlier, the players reportedly requested that the league begin mediation in a federal court.

So both parties are committed to talk, but they want to talk in different places. Mediation under the auspices of Cohen would give the league more leverage; mediation in a courtroom would give the players more leverage. And so we still have a stalemate.

My prediction: neither side will budge (because neither has budged in the past) and they’ll begin a series of appeals moments after Judge Susan Nelson makes her decision later this month. By the time all is said and done, this will likely be ironed out in the courts.

Just like it was in 1993, when the last collective bargaining agreement was born as a result of Reggie White et al vs. the NFL.