Da'Quan Bowers' knee will be the subject of daily scrutiny right up until draft day.

  • Twice a year it’s customary for a football players’ injury to be scrutinized endlessly by armchair doctors from sea to shining sea. It’s a practice we see during the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, and in early April. Each year prior to the draft there’s one player we pick to play football roulette with and estimate the severity of their injury. This year it’s Da’Quan Bowers, and the reports of his demise may have been greatly exaggerated, but we’ll find out definitively tomorrow when he’s in Indianapolis for a Scouting Combine medical re-check.
  • We regularly hear tales of gluttony and excess from the rich and famous, but at least now their mansions are eco-friendly, so that makes us feel better, right? Right. So we salute you, Tom Brady, because construction on your new $20 million home is progressing smoothly. I’m sure Tom will be boasting about his solar panels during cocktails with his Los Angeles area neighbour, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Not too long ago, it was against the law for bloggers, analysts, or mock draft makers or any kind to put anyone but Mark Ingram in the 15th slot of the draft heading to Miami. And that may very well still happen, but as I wrote previously, the Dolphins might not be quite ready to put Ingram in the same category as other running backs selected in the top half of the first round. If that’s the case, Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post thinks they should either trade up or down, depending on the circumstances that unfold.
  • There are a handful of quarterback-needy teams at the top of the draft, and given their lack of confidence in Alex Smith, that group includes the 49ers. Since there’s a good chance both Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton will be gone when Jim Harbaugh et al make their first pick at No. 7 on April 28, the 49ers have been linked to Kevin Kolb. But another strong possibility exists down in Tampa Bay, where there’s a backup quarterback who has a history with Harbaugh.
  • In this space yesterday we noted that the Colts could draft a quarterback to be both Peyton Manning‘s backup and his possible successor. Among his list of reasons for the Colts’ exploration of the QBs in this year’s draft, Nate Dunlevy of 18 to 88 cites the need to upgrade Manning’s backup–currently Curtis Painter–but says even though Manning will soon be on the wrong side of 35, drafting his replacement makes little sense. When the lockout ends, Manning will likely sign a new contract keeping him in Indy for up to six years.
  • Nick Mangold has finally found his twin after the two were tragically separated at birth.
  • Jon Gruden may soon adopt John Madden‘s approach to flying, avoiding those aerial death machines all together.