Jim McMahon doesn't hold back

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon is a character. In fact, he’s outrageous. And the comments made this morning by McMahon on ESPN Radio have me wondering why we don’t hear from him more often. This guy could be the Charles Barkley of football media.

Some of the highlights of McMahon’s interview:

On how to maintain eligibility and obey the honor code at BYU: “You had to find girls who kept their mouths shut.”

On the Jay Cutler injury in Chicago’s playoff loss to the Packers: “I think they just handled it poorly. I never saw him get hurt. I saw him leave early right before halftime. I think somebody should have come out and said, ‘Hey, he hurt his knee. He might go, he might not.’ But nobody said anything and I think he played one series and he was gone.”

On the NFL’s crusade to protect quarterbacks with new rule changes: “I think it’s a joke. I think it takes away from what the defensive guys have been taught their whole life. It’s a violent game and guys are going to get hurt sometimes. Some of the calls that some quarterbacks get I think are ridiculous. Other guys get pounded and don’t get a flag. As long as they’re consistent I think everybody would be happy, but they’re not consistent with it.”

On the lockout: “It’s got to get settled. There’s too much money to get lost by both sides. It’s ridiculous and the fans are the ones who are going to suffer in this.”

He had me at “girls who kept their mouths shut.”