Realizing that it’s been quite a while since she’s been in the spotlight, Jenn Sterger made a return to the TV sets nation-wide Tuesday with an appearance on Good Morning America. In her interview with George Stephanopoulos, Sterger attempted to repair her broken image:

It’s pretty much impossible to believe that Sterger didn’t “want anything to do with it.” If she truly never wanted Brett Favre’s penis pictures and text messages and voicemails to get out, they wouldn’t have gotten out. If she truly never wanted to be conceived as a gold digger, she wouldn’t have hired a lawyer and a private investigator to expose Favre.

What’s amazing is that people like Sterger are too thick-headed to realize how transparent their phoniness is.

As ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio points out, it’s obvious that Sterger is trying to save her media career. She’s become relatively wealthy and relatively famous due to her body, and she probably doesn’t know how to become a regular old person (nor does she probably want to). Let’s force her to learn.

Let’s hope that we can now forget about Sterger and move on with our lives. The whole Sterger-Favre incident is stale. Brett will continue to ignore it; Jenn will likely make a few more attempts to reignite it in order to remind us that she’s still alive.

There’s no clear good guy-bad guy in this debacle. Both screwed up. Favre, the creepy old man, made the initial error, but at least he’s handled it perfectly — by shutting the hell up and letting the story fade faster than it would have had he addressed it publicly. Sterger, the attention seeker, made the career-killing errors that followed.

Both need to go away.