• Antonio Cromartie tells us what was already blatantly obvious, saying he’s not too concerned about what everyone else thinks, and that right now he sees unionism as a one-man show.
  • By mid-April, how much a prospect’s stock is rising or falling depends on who you’re reading during the most shaky period of the draft season. I think my stock just rose significantly as I typed that sentence, and for no reason at all. But what’s becoming clear is that Mikel Leshoure has joined Mark Ingram to lead the running backs. Yahoo’s Doug Farrar provides a tale of the tape as the two runners sprint towards April 28.
  • Prior to his injury-induced plummet–and we may or may not be using that word loosely–Da’Quan Bowers was listed in the top five by many major mock drafts. Now teams in the latter half of the top 10 and beyond are getting a good look, hoping to pounce on a draft day steal.
  • Despite the Raiders’ discouraging history of developing young quarterbacks, taking a good look at Colin Kaepernick isn’t such a bad idea, especially given the thin ice Jason Campbell stands on as the team’s starter.
  • Don’t worry, you crazy Buckeye fans, Terrelle Pryor has said that he won’t be entering the NFL’s supplemental draft, an event that remains in limbo along with the rest of the NFL’s usual offseason calendar.
  • Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib wasn’t tested for gunshot residue following his alleged involvement in an assault and shooting two weeks ago.
  • Last week we highlighted the Battle Red Blog as they counted down the Texans’ draft busts, a depressing practice that’s common in April. Now the Pride of Detroit is at No. 5 as they list the Lions’ busts since 2001, most of which were the responsibility of Matt Millen. Yeah, this isn’t going to go well.

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