So long as transactions are frozen and teams can’t talk to players, we’re forced to deal with stories like these. We go from lingerie football to remarkably racy comments made on a podcast by former 49er Gary Plummer. Racy enough, apparently, that they got him fired from his role as the team’s radio colour commentator. PG-13 details:

  • Plummer talked about being in an open relationship.
  • He talked in depth about oral sex.
  • Most importantly — at least as far as his firing goes — he talked about team staffers lining up women in the stands for players.

(Deadspin has the uncensored audio.)

But Plummer wonders if he went down for this in the same way Capone was busted for tax evasion. He had apparently been extremely critical of the team during broadcasts in 2010. “It was a convenient excuse to get rid of somebody who told the truth,” Plummer told the San Jose Mercury News.