The Goal-Line Stand headquarters are in Toronto, which sometimes sucks because we don’t have a local team to work with (except when the Bills come to town once or twice per year). But professional football in general isn’t completely absent in The Big Smoke. The CFL’s Argonauts try really hard, and the AFL’s Toronto Phantoms made the playoffs in their first of two seasons in T.O. (before folding).

Well, Sean Tomlinson and I have a new professional football team to cover in the city of Toronto. No, the NFL hasn’t arrived on a full-time basis yet, but the Lingerie Football League is expanding north of the 49th parallel.

The Lingerie Football League (LFL), where svelte women play the American version of the game in bras and panties in front of mostly male fans, has named its first international franchise.

“It’s become the most successful women’s professional league in the U.S. in (two years),” said Mitchell S. Mortaza, founder and chairman of the league. “It’s really an opportunity for them to be elevated to (the level) of major sports for guys, and be on the cover of everything ranging from Playboy to ESPN to Fox News channel.”

The highly profitable league, which doesn’t pay the players but does cover their travel costs, could help some women launch a career in entertainment, Mortaza said.

Ten players from the league were featured in February’s Playboy.

The Toronto team will debut in the U.S. league this fall and play against the Cleveland Crush, Philadelphia Passion, Baltimore Charm, Tampa Breeze and Orlando Fantasy in the eastern conference.

Okay, so not everyone’s thrilled about this and my tongue is at least weakly planted in my cheek, but the LFL has actually been very successful financially and I think most lucid human beings can recognize that lingerie football is somewhat of a lark. The “competitors” aren’t paid to play, so it’s not as though there are little girls out there dreaming of becoming LFL stars one day.

If a major strip club enterprise expanded with several new venues in Canada, would we be outraged? No, because strippers get to choose to be strippers and strip-club patrons get to choose to be strip-club patrons. And at the end of the day, they’re at least helping the local economy.

Those who don’t want lingerie football north of the border should just ignore it.

Tomlinson and I are instead brainstorming potential nicknames for the Toronto franchise. The Thongs?

(We’re going to Hell.)

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