A few months ago after reading about Jake Locker’s alternate career as a pitcher with the Los Angeles Angels if this whole QB gig fails, I looked into how many other current and former NFL players have dabbled in America’s former past-time. What I found was a lengthy list of Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame players who at the very least had been drafted by an MLB team, with some reaching the big league club or the higher levels of the minor leagues.

Larry Fitzgerald isn’t on that list, and he never will be.

As part of his effort to drum up support for his charity foundation Assist 4 Africa, the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver attended the Diamondbacks game against St. Louis Tuesday and took batting practice. In doing so, Fitzgerald proved that despite being an elite athlete, not all skills are transferable between sports, especially hand-eye coordination. He whiffed on a half-dozen batting practice beach balls before even getting a dribbler past the mound.

But Fitzgerald also showed another common trait of any elite athlete: the ability to learn and absorb instruction quickly. With coaching from Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson and hitting instructor Don Baylor, he at least begins to make consistent contact towards the end of the four-minute video.

Larry, maybe next time ask for change-ups, not curve balls.

Hat tip to SBNation Arizona.