• Inside of our little insulated football capsule, we’re able to blame nearly everything on the NFL lockout, including global warming and the endangered status of the Afghan tortoise. The lockout has indeed barred wayward players like Aqib Talib from getting the guidance they need from their team, so in that sense it’s played at least a small role in player misbehaviour. But some players just simply lack intelligence, like Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt, who reportedly tried to evade the police after being pulled over for speeding.
  • Yesterday the first report from the medical re-check of Da’Quan Bowers‘ knee surfaced, and Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer gave a generally glowing review. Quite predictably, it took less than a day for the exact opposite to emerge, with Steve Wyche of NFL.com citing a source who reported potential issues with long-term arthritis in the knee.
  • Another concerning report from Pro Football Weekly had an NFL executive expressing serious doubt. The executive acknowledged Bowers’ tremendous talent and upside, but said he would be “lucky to play out his rookie contract.”
  • Also quite predictably, Bowers’ agent Joseph Flanagan was quick to play damage control, sending a lengthy e-mail to many major media outlets. He explained that the medical information leaking to the media isn’t news to the men running NFL teams who will determine Bowers’ future.
  • Derrick Mason thinks the Ravens need to reduce the beating Ray Rice sustains every Sunday by bringing in another capable running back to lessen the load. With veteran Willis McGahee likely getting released, and Le’Ron McClain possibly leaving as an unrestricted free agent, the Ravens may not have a choice and will have to reach out either in the draft or through free agency.
  • As confirmed by JoeBucsFan, Tampa bay will cross the pond to play a home game in London against the Bears in 2011. Insert asterisk here…
  • While you’re at it, place a giant asterisk over the entire 2011 preseason schedule.
  • Hogs Haven is running a Brian Orakpo Photoshop contest, and the early entries are kind of awesome.

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