• As we’ve seen with Da’Quan Bowers, reports on a draft prospects’ health in mid-April have to be viewed with a skeptical eye. Pro Football Talk’s Evan Silva passed along the news that Mark Ingram–perhaps the only running back with a chance of being selected in the first round–has been eliminated from a few draft boards because of lingering concerns about his knee.
  • About a month ago when we were all only on our fourth mock draft update, Ingram going to the Dolphins at No. 15 was one of the very few areas of consensus. Jake Locker assumed a similar position with the Seahawks at No. 25, but now he’s fading, and there’s talk of Ryan Mallett creeping up the board and finding his future home in the land of coffee, rain, and grunge.
  • The chances of the NFL losing the entire 2011 season because of the lockout still seem remote, or maybe we’re just being hopelessly optimistic. But if that nightmare scenario happens, we may have seen the last of Ray Lewis.
  • Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware is a team player, and he decided to hand his lockout pay back to help out other players who need it more.
  • Matt Leinart returned to the USC campus to speak at an event recently. Likely remembering that the home of Tommy Trojan is the last place he was relevant, he said he’d like to compete for an NFL job again. Good luck with that, Matt.
  • The Packers have to hope for the best, but still prepare for the worst regarding Jermichael Finley‘s potential departure after the 2012 season, writes TotalPackers.com. It’s a philosophy that may lead to the organization drafting a tight end in the middle rounds.

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