• Titans running back Chris Johnson made two things abundantly clear during a radio interview on Thursday. He’s a big fan of Cam Newton, and would like to take hand-offs from the Auburn quarterback next season if he falls to Tennessee at No. 8, which appears unlikely. More importantly, he thinks the Titans may not be done with Vince Young yet, their troubled quarterback who still hasn’t officially been cut from the roster yet.
  • If you’ve ever ran really fast over a short distance, Al Davis will find you. He always has scouts watching. Were you late for your bus this morning and had to sprint while waving frantically? Expect a call from the Raiders front office similar to the one Taiwan Jones could receive.
  • No matter what the position, being classified as having “character concerns/issues” prior to draft day isn’t some media fabrication. In just the past month we’ve seen two highly talented first-round picks–Aqib Talib and more recently Kenny Britt–get into legal trouble, though Talib’s is clearly far more serious. But Jamie Dukes takes this one step further in his assessment of Ryan Mallett, proving that no matter what colour a prospect’s skin is, character and race can still blend together.
  • Jeremy Maclin has been battling through a case of mono during the offseason. Eagles fans shouldn’t worry about their young wide receiver though, because if Seinfeld has taught us anything, contact of any kind with mono has the potential to make us smarter.
  • ESPN ranked Carolina’s Jon Beason as the ninth best linebacker in the NFL. Cat Scratch Reader tells us that he’s doing what any good athlete would do, and is using it as motivation.
  • If he could be the proverbial fly on the wall in one draft war room on April 28, Yahoo’s Michael Silver would chose Cincinnati’s in heartbeat.
  • Giants owner John Mara tried to wiggle out of jury duty for an international drug trial, citing both the upcoming NFL draft and his responsibilities as a negotiator during the lockout mediation process. That didn’t work, and now he’s been upgraded from an alternate juror to the first seat.
  • Football bloggers around the Interwebs continue to put themselves through the pain of counting down their team’s top draft busts. Today Buffalo Rumblings takes a look at Mike Williams, the left tackle that was Tom Donahoe’s first major misstep in Buffalo after drafting Nate Clements, Aaron Schobel, and Travis Henry.
  • For an even greater dose of depression we turn to the Daily Norseman‘s Christopher Gates, who says the entire Vikings 2005 draft class was a “vortex of suck.” That seems appropriate given that the faithful people of Minnesota were saddled with this guy…

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