To look at what the Redskins will try to do in the upcoming draft, I talk with Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven:

1. Do they take Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton if they drop? And if not, do they take Jake Locker a little earlier than expected?

Mike Shanahan would jump all over Blaine Gabbert. It wouldn’t totally shock me if Shanahan took Cam since the Redskins coach proved with Trent Williams he’s not afraid to roll the dice with guys that have character concerns. All of these quarterbacks are second-round talent, and I don’t see Shanahan falling for that trap at No. 10 (I’m pretty certain they find a way to trade back anyway).

2. It’s been a couple years since the ‘Skins have drafted a skill position player in the top two or three rounds. Now, though, you guys have holes at quarterback, running back and wide receiver. Which is the most important?

Solid running backs and wide receivers can be found in later rounds, so quarterback is the most important. We’re not winning the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman and Donovan McNabb is as good as gone. It’s very rare to see Super Bowl quarterbacks that were taken past the second round not named Tom Brady.

3. There are a lot of needs on defense, too. What’s the biggest need overall?

Nose Tackle. The Redskins got absolutely shredded on rushes up the middle last year, and the pass pressure was never able to collapse the pocket, so it would be criminal if they did not draft a NT. The Redskins at least have some backup options at outside linebacker on their roster, but getting another OLB to complement Brian Orakpo is a close No. 2.

4. Is there a specific player you’re hoping they land with that first-round pick?

Von Miller would be the perfect fit, but there’s better odds Paris Hilton announces a vow of celibacy before he falls to 10. After Miller, the Redskins have so many holes really any guy will do as long as it’s not a quarterback, free safety, or tight end.