We’re down to the championship matchup in the EA Sports bracket to determine who will grace the cover of this year’s Madden video game, and Cinderella might get this thing done before midnight.

Peyton Hillis has won again, defeating heavy favourite Aaron Rodgers in the semifinal of the left bracket. And in the end, it wasn’t even very close. The Browns running back, who was essentially a scrub until he broke out with a solid season in 2010, garnered 61 percent of the votes in his contest with the top-seeded Rodgers.

Making things even more interesting is that Michael Vick knocked off Adrian Peterson on the other side of the bracket. So now we’ll either have the most obscure cover boy in Madden history or the most controversial cover boy in Madden history. Take your pick.

While I’m not surprised Vick has made it this far, Hillis’ run is shocking. I think some of the credit belongs to ESPN, as well as Hillis’ reps. He was all over the network promoting this thing in the weeks leading up to the launch of the bracket tournament, and it looks as though that paid off.

The “winner” will be determined next Wednesday afternoon.