• Cam Newton was in Jon Gruden‘s crosshairs, and a clip of their back-and-forth during Gruden’s QB Camp identified one of Newton’s major weaknesses quickly: the thick language of offenses in the NFL is foreign to a quarterback groomed in a system based on simplicity. In a typical offseason, the concern about Newton’s ability to pick up on NFL verbiage would be minimized somewhat by the teaching taking place at mini-camps, training camp, and just the general interaction with coaches that’s so valuable to a rookie quarterback. But of course, this offseason is anything but typical.
  • James Dator of the Cat Scratch Reader didn’t learn anything new about Newton from his exchange with Gruden. In fact, Dator writes that his inability to comprehend simple terminology combined with the mechanical adjustments he needs raises further doubts about Newton making an impact quickly.
  • Phil Taylor is a scary human being. Listed at 334 pounds, he’s recently been moving up draft boards amid speculation that he could be taken late in the first round by a team searching for the ideal nose tackle to anchor their 3/4 defence. But lugging around all that weight creates some unique and concerning medical conditions that have to be refuted less than two weeks before the draft.
  • All has been quiet on the Kevin Kolb front for at least a few days. The Eagles quarterback is at the centre of speculation surrounding a trade that likely would have happened by now during a normal NFL offseason. But Kolb isn’t the only Philadelphia quarterback being run through the rumour mill. And no, the other guy isn’t named Michael Vick.
  • A wrinkle in the rules regarding player/coach interaction during the lockout permits contact for charity events, which is exactly what allowed Jason Garrett and company to hang out with the likes of DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten Sunday night.
  • Matt Hasselbeck seems to be handling his quasi free agency well, but when it’s all over he’d still like to remain with the Seahawks.
  • During the lockout we see the marquee names like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning who make the marquee dollars, and on the surface assume everything is fine in the land of millionaire football players. But they’re not all millionaires, and it’s easy to forget about guys like Selvish Capers who were fighting for their careers on the practice squad last year.
  • Expanding their search for depth at quarterback, the Jaguars hosted Wisconsin’s Scott Tolzien on Sunday, according to Big Cat Country.

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