Earlier, Tomlinson relayed a link to a video in which Cam Newton sort of comes across as an idiot while discussing the names given to plays at Auburn (as opposed to in a pro-style offense).

Well, the story has since picked up a bunch of steam. Our pals at Score Buzz have the video and the background.

Here’s the video:

And in case you’re still using a Commodore 64, here’s the transcript (courtesy Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com):

Gruden: “You know some of the verbiage in the NFL, I don’t know how it was at Auburn, but it gets long. You’ve got the shifts, the plays, the protections, the snap count, the alerts, the check-with-me’s. I mean, ‘flip right double-X jet 36 counter naked wagglet seven X quarter.’ Call something at Auburn that’s a little verbal. What would be a little verbal? Any recollection on that? Give me something. What does an Auburn play sound like?”
Newton: “Oh man, you put me on the spot.”
Gruden: “You guys don’t get in the huddle much though, right?”

The problem is not that Newton led a very simplistic offense in college. It’s that he wasn’t prepared for the obvious with Gruden. Why didn’t he and/or agent Bus Cook see that question coming? It shows a lack of preparation and commitment from Newton, who I continue to believe is a bust in the making.