When they’re not training in large groups with one guy who does nothing but run around taking pictures, NFL players have had to find other ways to occupy themselves during this offseason from hell.

We’ve seen some predictable avenues of entertainment featuring the usual charismatic suspects, like Chad Ochocinco playing soccer, or Hines Ward dancing. Also filed under predictable was Pat MacAfee appearing alongside a chicken limo. Yes, a chicken limo can be predictable, but only when everyone’s favourite drunken swimmer is involved.

Then there’s been the unexpected, like Larry Fitzgerald being terrible at baseball, and Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko interning at a private equity firm.

Now Darren Sharper has brought us dog-humping, and pink women’s underwear on his head. Please, for the love of player safety and sanity, end this lockout.

The New Orleans Saints safety and five-time Pro Bowler decided to try his hand at acting, but not just any acting. Sharper appeared in a comedic short for workingbug.com‘s web series titled “A Series of Unfortunate People.” In the five-minute episode, Sharper falls victim to a disorder called Inappropriate Sense of Humour (ISOH), which causes him to wear the pink underwear and make ill-timed crude jokes.

Sharper has a pretty boisterous and outgoing personality, and it seems like this was a pretty easy role for him. We’re glad he’s having fun and experimenting in other fields during his down time, but we’re fearing where this lockout will take players next.

(some mild NSFW content, obviously).

A Series of Unfortunate People Ep #5: Punchline by SeriesOfUnfortunatePeople

Hat tip to the Sportress of Blogitude.