Apparently, the Minnesota Vikings’ penchant for chasing washed-up old men to play quarterback wasn’t just a Brad Childress thing. According to reports from both sides of the spectrum, the Vikes want Donovan McNabb, and Donovan McNabb wants them.

I understand why McNabb wants to go to Minnesota. The Vikings don’t have a clear-cut starting quarterback and likely won’t have enough time to groom a rookie signal caller in a lockout-shortened offseason, and McNabb has always had a thing for the Twin Cities.

By why are the Vikings interested in the 34-year-old McNabb? Why collect Washington‘s scraps?

I suppose Rick Spielman and Leslie Frazier want a stopgap quarterback to fill the void between Brett Favre and (fill in the blank), but why spend money on a veteran who had more picks than touchdowns and completed less than 60 percent of his passes in 2010? Minnesota would be better off using Tarvaris Jackson, who at least has some upside, knows the system and comes at a significantly lower price.

This team has too many holes to win right now anyway. They’re thin at wide receiver (Sidney Rice’s future with the team is up in the air), and they’re getting long in the tooth on the offensive line, on the defensive line and in the secondary. Adding McNabb won’t instill the right mentality for a team that should be rebuilding/reloading in 2011.