The Bills haven’t won a regular season game in Toronto yet, and it’s not about to get any easier.

If the NFL’s labour impasse doesn’t wash away the latest edition of the Bills Toronto Series, Buffalo will face the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles next November, according to a report from the Fan 590. The league’s schedule will officially be released tonight at 7 p.m. ET, an event surrounded by the usual pageantry from the major networks despite the unknown status of the 2011 season. So we’ll know the date when the Eagles will land in Toronto in about seven hours, but for now the Fan 590′s Greg Brady reports that the next Bills loss at the Rogers Centre will likely be either Nov. 13 or Nov. 20.

There’s an interesting little sidebar to the Eagles visiting the Great White North, and it involves Michael Vick (doesn’t everything?). As Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio notes, if the reports of an Eagles/Bills game are true, then hopefully the NFL thought about Vick being able to clear customs and get into the country.

The fact that the Eagles are making the trip is a bit curious, given:  (1) the stringent Canadian rules on the admission of felons into the country; and (2) the fact that the Eagles’ starting quarterback is a convicted felon.  Our guess (and it’s just a guess) is that the NFL has worked out these details in advance, ensuring that Mike Vick will be able to play.  If, for some reason, Canada refuses to allow him onto their soil, the NFL will look foolish in hindsight for sending the Eagles north of the border.

Don’t worry Eagles fans, you’ll still have Kevin Kolb. Maybe.