With reports flowing today that there’s a splinter group of NFL players suing to be involved in the negotiation process with the league, it’s once again becoming obvious that the NFLPA’s decertification wasn’t ultimately as clever an idea as DeMaurice Smith might have thought.

A group of about 70 “mid tier” players appears to be pissed off that the union gave up on mediation back in March, according to Dan Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal. Now they’ve reportedly hired a lawfirm to represent their specific interests.

The issue here is that the interests of low- or mid-level players aren’t aligned with those of Tom Brady and other highly-paid players. Do you think these guys want to see the league’s minimum salary disappear?

This is another way in which the players are cracking earlier than anyone expected, especially considering all the leverage they appear to have. For football fans, that could be good news or bad news.

If it means the owners will soon force the players to cry uncle, it’s good news.

If it means the antitrust case will just get more complicated (and thus lengthy), it’s bad news.