Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett might be the best natural pocket passer in this year’s draft, but “character concerns” have damaged his draft stock.

The thing about those concerns is that, until now, it was all speculation based on Mallett coming across like Eminem and apparently being a big drinker. He was arrested for public intoxication in college but who isn’t publicly intoxicated in their university days?

That’s right, I said “until now.”

Mallett failed to show for a meeting with the Carolina Panthers earlier this month, according to Brad Biggs of the National Football Post. And now that the story’s out, the whole league will likely hold such irresponsible acts against the quarterback.

Mallett met team officials for dinner April 8, the day he arrived in town, but meetings the next day at Bank of America Stadium were cancelled after Mallett called and said he was sick, multiple sources told the National Football Post.

It looks like Mallett will have some more questions to answer prior to next Thursday. Complicating the matter is the fact sources said Mallett was seen out on the town late following the dinner.

This draft class is filled with good, not great quarterbacks. Considering the questions surrounding Mallett — in terms of both his athleticism and his attitude — I wouldn’t be surprised to see him plummet on draft day.

UPDATE: Maybe the original report was slightly — or drastically — overblown.