• Jake Locker‘s draft stock has been difficult to nail down. Earlier in the draft season his value was falling, with some putting him out of the first round entirely. Now he seems to have recovered, but has he really climbed all the way back into the top 10 and to the Titans at No. 8?
  • Bills general manager Buddy Nix thinks it’s the perfect time to draft a quarterback with Buffalo’s third overall pick. And if he does that, Buffalo will be dead to me, much like the cast of Friends is dead to Stephen Colbert.
  • When Mark Ingram reads the reports about his knee he sees a lot of smoke and no fire, and he thinks that some teams just want to see him tumble down the draft board.
  • Nearly every mock draft on the Internet now has one of three names slotted in for the Bengals with their fourth overall pick. It seems Cincinnati will select either the best quarterback available–likely Blaine Gabbert given Carolina’s Cam Newton infatuation–or Georgia wide reciever A.J. Green. With just over a week left until the first round, Green will be visiting the Bengals’ brass today.
  • NFL.com’s Albert Breer looks at the possibility of the Patriots and Colts drafting the successors to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. After recounting several discussions with league executives he had last spring, Breer concludes that it’s never a bad idea to draft and develop a quarterback.
  • Oh good, another player has been arrested. This time the turd is Falcons safety William Moore, who was taken in by the uniformed men and women of Atlanta on Tuesday for speeding, driving with a suspended license, and failing to appear. He’s the 10th player to be arrested since the lockout began 40 days ago. Yikes.
  • We’ll have an in-depth breakdown of last night’s schedule release later today, but for now there’s one vital detail from a possibly meaningless schedule that needs to be highlighted. The league didn’t give us cream puff games over the opening weeks to protect against losing the first part of the season. Whether that’s a positive or negative sign depends on how full your metaphoric glass is, and I violently broke mine weeks ago.

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