The Cardinals know they have to keep Larry Fitzgerald happy, and that mission begins with this draft. Jess Root of Revenge of the Birds helps us preview it.

1. Do you think the Cardinals feel they probably have to draft a quarterback or wide receiver with that top pick in order to keep Larry Fitzgerald happy?

Drafting a wide receiver really has not come up much, mostly because most do not believe that A.J. Green will be available at No. 5. However, I don’t think that drafting a wide receiver would factor in at all into Fitzgerald’s decision of staying or going. As for drafting a quarterback, there is some evidence that he would prefer that they not go that route.

If you look into his quote of saying he wants “anybody that’s going to help us win,” that could be seen as “hey, bring in a solid, experienced guy now.” Fitz wants to finish his career in Arizona, but he really wants to win. He wants to get back to the Super Bowl. So, do the Cards have to draft a quarterback to keep him? Definitely not.

2. Where else do they look? Patrick Peterson and Von Miller could easily be gone by then.

If both Peterson and Miller are unavailable, Marcell Dareus or A.J. Green will be. Likewise, Robert Quinn is a possibility. You have to imagine that one or both quarterbacks will be gone, and I think both will be gone, so either Dareus, Peterson or Miller will be there. Any one of those three look like “can’t miss” defensive players that could contribute from day one.

3. If they don’t draft a quarterback, that’s gotta be a sign they’re going to go after Kevin Kolb or another on-the-market signal caller, correct?

If they don’t draft a quarterback, it isn’t a given that they trade for a guy. Ken Whisenhunt really likes John Skelton and believes that he will be really good in another year or so. Obviously, without a CBA in place, no trades can be made. But whether or not they draft a quarterback, they are going to be a player for a free agent like Marc Bulger, Shaun Hill or Matt Hassellbeck.

4. Finally, who do you want them to pick fifth overall?

My favorite player in the draft is Von Miller. His skills are exactly what the Cardinals need and he would be a perfect fit for the Cards. I am doubting more and more that he will be there, but he is the guy I want roaming the field for the Cardinals.