Brandon Marshall is a very enigmatic and strange character. Watch him do an interview or have a conversation with him and you get the impression he’s a truly good dude. His Twitter account is one of the most entertaining in sports and he’s usually very courteous with fans.

Unfortunately, it’s become obvious that there are two sides to Brandon Marshall. There’s the respectful, well-spoken 27-year-old, and then there’s the misbehaved child.

The misbehaved child found himself in new trouble with the law last night when he was stabbed by his wife.

The good news, according to ESPN, is that “no vital organs were pierced and that he is expected to make a full recovery.” In fact, he should be as good as new in a less than a month.

The bad news is that this is yet another incident that has cast shadows on Marshall’s character. While in Denver, Marshall was arrested four times (twice as the result of domestic disputes with a girlfriends).

In this incident, Marshall’s wife has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. But it already looks as though¬†Marshall has lied to the police and Mrs. Marshall is already¬†claiming that she acted in self defense.

Do we really need to wait for the courts to deliver a verdict before delivering our own personal verdicts on Marshall’s character? The guy is clearly a turd who can’t control his personal life. And that has continued to affect his professional life in a very bad way.