• Late Monday night after judge Susan Nelson’s ruling to lift the lockout an e-mail was sent out to players informing them that yes, they are indeed allowed to return to work, even if it’s only for a brief time.
  • While also echoing a report that coaches have been told not to have contact with players, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News tells us that Jets left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson has some pretty good motivation to report for duty today.
  • As a linebacker, being aggressive is embedded in Scott Fujita‘s DNA. It’s a hard-wired character trait that the Cleveland Browns veteran and member of the decertified players’ association wanted to put to use immediately after hearing the lockout had been lifted. Fujita told Yahoo’s Michael Silver that all players who are under contract should show up at the Browns’ practice facility today, and claim contempt of court if they’re denied entry.
  • Fujita’s rally cry has been picked up around the league. A stay on the order to lift the lockout could be granted within days, but for now Goodell and the gang plan to #letthemplay. Well kind of, but not really. Players will be allowed access to their buildings because legally they can’t be denied access anymore, and they’ll be treated with courtesy and respect, according to a press release from the league. But they won’t be given the keys to the weight room.
  • Michael Vick isn’t a big fan of a new Android video game app that allows users to live in a virtual dog fighting world, which is the same world that in reality led to Vick serving 18 months in jail. The Eagles quarterback joined forces with the Humane Society and took a firm stance against the game.
  • Baltimore Beatdown brings us the trick shot video of Johnny Sullivan. The 12-year-old quarterback from Iowa did his best Johnny McEntee impression while showing some impressive skill for his age…

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