• The Steelers will “exhaust all realistic possible scenarios” to trade up from their current slot at No. 31 in the first round to land offensive lineman Mike Pouncey, according a report from NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora. The wheels will truly be set in motion if the Dolphins pass on Pouncey with their 15th overall pick.
  • By publishing an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday morning outlining the league’s future if the players win the labour battle, ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski thinks NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was appealing to corporate America, not football America.
  • It seems we can’t get through an NFL offseason without a few coaches trying–and usually succeeding–to sell us a book. Last year it was Pete Carroll and Sean Payton, and now Rex Ryan‘s brash, boisterous attitude has been packaged neatly into paperback form. In his literary effort released yesterday titled Play Like You Mean It, Ryan shares his belief that the Jets are a big brother figure to the Giants in New York. Did we expect anything less?
  • We’re less than 48 hours away from Goodell announcing Cam Newton as the first overall pick, and the spiral of the Carolina Panthers continuing for yet another season. We’ve also reached the very peak of longshot draft rumour season, and the chances of the Falcons trading all the way up from No. 27 to get A.J. Green certainly fall into that category.
  • Logan Mankins has heard of this thing called free agency, and he wouldn’t mind giving it a try sometime in his career.
  • Remember that Cleveland Browns season ticket holder who filed a lawsuit against the NFL over the lockout? He’s put it on hold for now.
  • The Saints just signed Pierre Thomas to a four-year deal, and still have Chris Ivory and Reggie Bush under contract. But if that fellow named Mark Ingram happens to tumble down to New Orleans when they’re on the clock at No. 24, drafting a workhorse running back could still be tempting. While weighing the pros and cons of this temptation, Canal Street Chronicles says the chances of the Saints taking Ingram or any running back are extremely slim given their defensive needs.

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