What’s next for Chad Ochocinco?

Because Chad Ochocinco used to be a superstar and has the persona of a rockstar, the football world is watching closely to see where the man formerly known as Chad Johnson will land in 2011.

After 10 years with the Bengals, it appears as though Ocho is ready to depart Cincinnati. And it also seems as though the team is more than willing to let the 33-year-old walk.

Where will he end up?

Well, he did trade himself to the Patriots in Madden and the Pats have been known to take chances on veteran receivers. Still, New England might be wary of such a move after the Randy Moss disaster of 2010 — I get the feeling the team is realizing that Tom Brady can make magic happen with less expensive targets.

In the above photo — taken from Ocho’s popular Twitter account — Ochocinco is posing with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions. As of now, that team doesn’t have a lot of support for Megatron.

Two other teams floated out there by Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer: Washington and Oakland. Both would be interesting. (And who wouldn’t want to see Ocho playing for Oakland in the Big O?)

The problem is that Ocho might not be worth the price. He’s a potential distraction and his numbers are in decline.

“On the field, Ochocinco is also not the same player he was,” wrote Reedy. “Truthfully he hasn’t been that dominating receiver since 2007. In ’08 injuries and anger over not being traded took its toll, ’09 was a solid year but nothing extraordinary and last season at times he looked like the fourth-best receiver on this team.”

So why would anyone gamble on a guy like Ochocinco? For publicity, of course. The dude is a lightning rod for attention.

And teams like the Redskins and Raiders are always in search of attention.