I went a little nuts in my latest mock draft, predicting that six quarterbacks would be taken in the first half of Round 1 despite the fact that I fully admitted to having little faith in the signal callers that headline this draft class.

The fact is, I have little faith in this draft class in general, and so if there’s no one else that floats your boat and you’re in need of a quarterback, why not take one and hope like hell that he can be coached up and turn into Drew Brees?

That’s what everyone keeps saying about TCU’s Andy Dalton, who has emerged as a first-round pick in the opinion of most analysts.

And so I’m feeling less crazy about my decision to go quarterback heavy in Round 1, especially considering that renowned draft expert Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News has predicted that five QBs will be selected in the top 12:

Five quarterbacks in the top 12: Newton to the Panthers, QB Blaine Gabbert to the 49ers, QB Jake Locker to the Titans, QB Christian Ponder to the 49ers and QB Andy Dalton to the Vikings. This is the most quarterbacks we’ve seen in the top 15 yet.

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King, who has been riding the Dalton Train for some time, talked to one general manager who guaranteed that Dalton and Locker would go in the top 20.

In 1983, six quarterbacks were taken in the first round. Now, 28 years later, we could make a run at that mark. And while this draft could live up to that one in terms of quantity of quarterbacks, it’ll be hard to measure up in terms of quality. That one had Dan Marino, John Elway, Jim Kelly and Ken O’Brien.