When a lockout was declared back in March, it was fascinating to us that the NFLPA had seemingly lost a lot of public favor. In fact, most informal polls found that the owners had gained more supporters amongst fans than the players had.

Six weeks later, with the lockout on the verge of being brought to an end — at ┬áleast temporarily — it’s become a very close race in a new poll being conducted by ProFootballTalk.

This makes slightly more sense than PFT’s first poll, which revealed that only 22 percent of fans supported the players. ┬áBut in our opinion, anything that doesn’t pile on the owners indicates that the voters know their stuff.

It’s easy to blame the owners from a broad perspective. They’re the big, bad billionaires. They’re white collar. We don’t cheer for them on Sundays. They aren’t cool or young or hip and they don’t mingle with fans and sign autographs like the players do.

But those factors — including how much money the owners make in comparison to how much the players make — are irrelevant. People who have paid close attention to the negotiation process realize that this is a two-way street and that both sides should be blamed, pretty much equally.