• Much like us, Chris Carter is tired of Chad Ochocinco being Chad Ochocinco, and says the Bengals should ship out both their disgruntled wide receiver and Carson Palmer.
  • But enough with the bickering, because it’s draft day! The one shining day in this offseason of confusion and labour hell that we can set aside all the arguing, dense legal language, and finger pointing, and just enjoy watching a group of elite young men begin their professional football careers. That’s a realistic expectation, right? Of course not
  • Yes, on a day when we’re all enamoured with the draft and posting our final mocks (we’ll still be doing that), the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals may get near equal attention. How long exactly the court plans to take to render a decision on the NFL’s appeal of Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling is unclear, much like the current direction of NFL offseason activities.
  • While the league stalls and fumbles to find the keys and officially open for regular business, NFL teams are left waiting for some kind of instruction. Nelson’s ruling made it clear that if regular offseason business (trades, free agency, etc.) isn’t permitted, then the NFL could be held in contempt of court. Did I mention that it’s draft day?
  • Alright, enough labour talk. Let’s return to projecting the future failures of young men, a practice that sadly led Mike Mayock to project Cam Newton as the top pick tonight. That seals it, I guess.
  • Mary Kay-Cabot of the Cleveland-Plain Dealer thinks she has the six players that the Browns have their eye on nailed down. Meanwhile, team president Mike Holmgren is talking openly about trading down from Cleveland’s current piece of first round real estate at No. 6 overall.
  • Every time I read a mock draft that has Newton flirting with leaving the top 10, I feel better about my place in the universe.
  • Grabbing an impact player is the obvious goal in any draft. But to do that, Bolt Hype thinks the Chargers should trade up and take a defensive difference-maker like Robert Quinn or Von Miller in the top five.
  • While also sacrificing his one birthday wish to ensure a complete and successful 2011 NFL season, Keith Heumiller of Inside the Iggles gives a draft wishlist for the Eagles.

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