• The Bills picked two defensive backs over the weekend, taking Aaron Williams with their 34th overall pick, and then selecting Da’Norris Searcy in the fifth round. For GM Buddy Nix, the future of the free agent DBs who patrolled Buffalo’s secondary last season comes down to a simple equation. Drayton Florence wants to be in Buffalo, so Buffalo wants him to stay. Donte Whitner doesn’t want to be in Buffalo, so Buffalo wants him to go away.
  • Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff told Pro Football Talk that before pulling the trigger on a massive trade with the Browns to move up and select Julio Jones, an even richer offer was made to the Broncos for their No. 2 pick. The Denver Post reports that Dimitroff did contact the Broncos, but only in the form of a feeler placed well before draft day.
  • Buried at the bottom of a Miami Sun-Sentinel story is a dog-ate-my-homework kind of excuse from the Dolphins coaching staff, with head coach Tony Sparano saying there wasn’t enough time to prepare and hand out playbooks last week when the lockout was briefly lifted. Here we were assuming that every team would capitalize on a simple opportunity to have contact with players. Long ago we should have learned that during this lockout, simple logic just doesn’t exist.
  • It was the same song, and the same dance for Roger Goodell during a 35-minute conference call with Atlanta Falcons season ticket-holders last night. The commissioner repeated his desire sit back down at the negotiation table, and said that at this point there is no drop-dead date at which the NFL would begin erasing games from the 2011 schedule.
  • Slowly Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll will recruit all of his former USC stars. The takeover started with wide receiver Mike Williams last offseason, and maybe Carson Palmer could be next.
  • 18 to 88 tells Colts fans what they should expect from first round pick Anthony Castonzo.
  • In case somehow you missed Rashard Mendenhall‘s latest round of ill-timed, ill-advised, incredibly moronic tweeting last night, he had some, um, interesting opinions on the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

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