We didn’t, and we’re pissed. First Ben Roethlisberger whiffed on booking the Consol Energy Center for his wedding when we specifically said we wouldn’t attend any venue that seats less than 20,000 people, and now Romo leaves us off the list.

Whatever. If you’re looking for your invitation in the mail, they’re out now, and it’ll look like this when you get yours…

Romo will enter into marital bliss with Candice Crawford–his former Miss Missouri bride-to-be–on May 28, with the entire Cowboys team in attendance. We expect an event that will rival the Royal Wedding, with live TV coverage and Gus Johnson providing six hours of commentary (“He did it! He said ‘I do’! WOAHHHHHHHHHH).

Hat tip to Off The Bench.

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  1. “Here it is, Romo, leaning in for the kissss … HE LAID IT ON HER! OH WOW!”

  2. Not going to happen. BEWARE CANDICE. Tony is the type of guy who will leave you hanging at the altar. Hes a douche. Ask Carrie, ask Jessica, go even further and asked the optometrist he dated when nobody knew who he was. They all will tell you the same thing-THEY ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THAT JERK.

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