We're still not sure why Tiki Barber wants to make a comeback. It looks like he's doing just fine without football.

  • Oh sweet, there’s a huge story on Pro Football Talk with Toronto councillor Doug Ford making some rather candid comments about the future of the NFL in Toronto. Hey wait, that’s our story! Neat.
  • Now that you’ve indulged and endured our bloated sense of self worth, let’s get on with the rest of the morning’s news. Let’s see here, there must be something. Well, Tiki Barber still thinks he can play football, and he’s saying his girlfriend sucked away all of his money re-ignited his fire and passion for the game. Now that’s the kind of love story that gets grown men who’ve been retired for five years a few extra concussions.
  • That’s not good enough for you? Well then we’d better do our part to keep this Rashard Mendenhall outrage alive. Michael Vick was asked to give his take on the killing of Osama bin Laden while speaking with a Virginia sports radio show. Quite predictably, Vick’s views clashed with Mendenhall’s, and the Philadelphia quarterback said bin Laden “deserved every bit of it.”
  • If that wasn’t exciting enough, let’s return to lockout talk for a moment. No big deal though, as the Eighth Circuit Court just might not give any ruling at all on the league’s stay, a ruling which could lift the free agency darkness. Wait, what?
  • Cincy Jungle has a theory that the Bengals are far more successful during odd-numbered seasons. While certainly intriguing, it’s hard to see 2011 being the year of the Bengal given the epic mess the franchise finds itself in right now. That’s why Cincinnati once again holds the fourth overall pick in a 2012 mock draft (hey, it’s only like 350 or so days away).
  • Still think it’s too early to think about the 2012 draft? The Redskins disagree. They’ve already announced their 2012 Andrew Luck plan, or at least Hogs Haven did.
  • Peyton Hillis had a tremendous season, but he wore down during the stretch run, which is why Dawgpound Daily thinks a slightly decreased workload would be a good idea. The return of 2010 second round pick Montario Hardesty–who missed the entire season after a training camp injury–will make lightening Hillis’ load a lot easier.
  • Aqib Talib may have played his last game in Tampa Bay, but we won’t know until the lockout lifts and player transactions are permitted. Last week there was speculation that if this was a normal NFL offseason, Talib already would have been sent packing. Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times wrote that barring a drastic last minute change of heart, Talib will be cut as soon as the lockout ends. Head coach Raheem Morris appeared on a Tampa Bay sports radio station (seems like these radio shows are quite popular this morning) and said Stroud’s report isn’t true, adding that the cornerback’s future with the team hasn’t been discussed yet.