Shot of Mike Mayock stolen from a Pepsi commercial.

The Gus Johnson Fan Club(s) didn’t win this one. While NFL Network is making big changes to its booth, the popular CBS voice will not be doing play-by-play on Thursday Night Football this fall, according to Sports Illustrated‘s Richard Deitsch.

Instead, ESPN college football man Brad Nessler will take the role from Bob Papa, a move that doesn’t mean much to me (or, I presume, most readers). On the bright side, NFLN has finally come to its senses and installed Mike Mayock as the full-time Thursday night color man … and that’s good news for everybody.

Because if you don’t like Mayock, I can only assume that you’re a fan of Glenn Beck, e-mail spam, mullets and Muammar Gaddafi. The guy is likable, modest and very intelligent. He isn’t sensational, but I prefer to get my helping of melodramaticism¬†from my play-by-play guys anyway (hence my love for Johnson).

What’s that? It sounds like I have a man-crush on Mayock? You’ve got that right.

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