On Wednesday, we predicted the opening day starting quarterbacks for 11 teams dealing with shaky quarterback situations. We gave Donovan McNabb to the Arizona Cardinals.

We may have swung and missed.

From Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic:

The Redskins are expected to release McNabb this off-season, but the Cardinals aren’t interested. Despite his unknown future, McNabb said this has not been a stressful time for him. “The next couple years, we’ll see what happens,” he said. “Who knows where I’ll be anyway? I’m looking forward to that and when that time comes, step in there and be ready to go…”

I suppose this shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Cards didn’t chase McNabb when he up for grabs last year and might want a starting quarterback who is, you know, younger. And, um, better.

McNabb is 34. Matt Hasselbeck and Marc Bulger are 35 and 34, respectively. They’d all be stopgaps. So essentially, I have no idea who they’ll land. Honestly, I’m just not confident the Cardinals can win a high-stakes bidding war for a guy like Kevin Kolb, but maybe the team will surprise me.

Oh, and GLS apologizes to anyone who took our McNabb-to-Arizona prediction to Vegas. We should have checked with McNabb, the Eagles and the Cardinals before going out on that limb.

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  1. Reportedly, the Cardinals are looking at Kyle Orton.

    I think he’s the best choice between him, Kolb, and McNabb. I even said it in our (Warning: Shameless plug ahead) weekly NFL podcast. Orton is still relatively younger, and he’s proven to be solid amongst a group of really, really mediocre players. You can say he had a large hand in helping to turn Brandon Lloyd into a viable threat, and he did damn well considering the Broncos’ absolute lack of running game.

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