Toronto councillor Doug Ford says he was told last week by NFL Canada that Toronto is “right up there on the list” of cities awaiting NFL teams.

“They have to take care of the problem in Los Angeles first,” said the candid Ford, who is the brother of Toronto mayor Rob Ford. “Two teams are kind of in play here: Jacksonville’s number one; New Orleans is the other. So there’s two teams. Once they take care of Los Angeles, we’re going to fly over to New York, set up a meeting with [NFL commissioner Roger] Goodell and give him our pitch.”

One problem, Mr. Councillor. The city lacks an NFL-ready venue, according to Goodell. But last month, Ford explained his vision of a waterfront stadium to The Globe and Mail’s Marcus Gee. He expanded on the stadium issue in an interview with me at his office Wednesday, stating that he’s talked to Rogers Communications about adding seats to Rogers Centre.

“When I talked to Rogers they were very interested,” Ford said. “Now, they could take the hotel out and add another 10,000 seats but that still wouldn’t get us up to the 75,000 that we need for the Super Bowl.”

Did he just say “Super Bowl”?

“The NFL’s saying, ‘OK, if you’re building a stadium, build it [with 75,000 seats] or you won’t even be eligible for the Super Bowl.’”

Wait, he just said it again. A Super Bowl outside of the United States? In Canada? Now we’re dreaming big. Now we’re shooting for the stars. It’s enough to make an interviewer overlook the fact that, moments prior, Ford passively suggested demolishing the Renaissance Hotel’s 70 rooms that overlook the field.

(Editor’s note: NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells me that there is no official policy in place requiring new stadiums to contain 75,000 seats in order to be eligible to host a Super Bowl. That said, the bigger the better … obviously.)

Ford, 46, mentioned four other potential locations for a new venue — the Portlands, Exhibition Place, Downsview and Woodbine — noting that he doesn’t favour any. When I told him I liked the idea of renovating Rogers Centre to save money and expedite the process, he talked about another trick Rogers might have up its sleeve.

“Rogers is getting very creative,” he said. “They’re going down.”

After taking a moment to determine what that means, I ask him if that is something he figures Rogers might consider.

“No, I know. They’ll dig out the floor, drop it down a couple levels and add another 15,000 seats all around the base.”

Mr. Councillor, you just blew my mind.

If that seemingly far-fetched plan is never fully hatched, Ford isn’t fretting over the financial implications of a stadium at another location.

“There isn’t going to be one penny from taxpayers coming into this,” he told me, explaining that, in his view, lucrative yet controversial personal seat licenses would cover the vast majority of the cost. “And it’s going to create thousands of jobs — it’s like bringing a Fortune 500 company to Canada.”

First, though, a home team is a necessity. And the Buffalo Bills once or twice a year doesn’t count. Ford said there’s “a huge difference” between the Bills playing here as part of the Bills Toronto Series and the presence of an actual team with a Toronto name.

“If we had our own team,” he said, “we’d treat it like it’s our own and build up a fan base.”

That doesn’t mean Ford is condemning the Bills. A lot of what he tells me blends relocation with expansion. I don’t get the feeling the councillor is overly concerned with how a team comes to Toronto, but international expansion has a nice ring to it from a business perspective.

“They want to expand internationally,” Ford said, noting that London, England is a top target. “But what better expansion than down the street to Toronto? They can’t keep ignoring a market this size.”

No one is as connected with Toronto’s past NFL pitches as Paul Godfrey, the former Blue Jays president and current Postmedia CEO. Still in shock after talking with Ford, I asked Godfrey, who has campaigned heavily for a Toronto NFL team in the past, about what to expect.

“If anyone’s going to compete with the Leafs in this city, it’s an NFL team,” Godfrey told me, adding that no duo would be better for the job of reeling a team in than Rob and Doug Ford.

“It’ll happen, but not with this team,” Godfrey added, referring to the Bills. “It’ll be a team with the Toronto name on it.”

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  1. One key factor worth considering: Doug Ford is a jackass. Also an idiot.

    • Never going to be a team in Toronto….Heard this story for 25 years…Toronto is not a football city ….never has been or will be…Bills Series….waste of money…no tail gating allowed..
      passports for Western NY fans….Toronto people do not go to games in Buffalo…Its Hamilton West that go. Bills game means nothing in December…no hype for this game since year #1.

      Godfrey & Pelley need brain scans done….Delusional….steve m….

  2. That said, great post Brad!

  3. I can see the Jags as being potential movers, but, the Saints? There are teams all over the league with stadium and attendance issues – the Saints are not currently one of those teams.

  4. The Saints have an owner that wants out of the city. The Superdome is still a dump and the city itself doesn’t have the population or the business resources to continue to sustain the team over the long term. Jacksonville is in a similar situation with the exception that their biggest issue is the people in Jacksonville don’t care for the most part. I still think that Buffalo moving makes since. Give them a Toronto name and get a team out of a city that is literally shrinking in population. I guess that would be the end of the Argo also.

  5. Brian – you are extremely misinformed. The owner of the Saints is not at all unhappy here. The Superdome just underwent a state-funded $385 million overhaul AND the state gave the owner money to redo his skyscraper AND are leasing that skyscraper’s offices for state offices/employees. The season tickets have sold out every year since 2006 and won the Super Bowl in 2010. The guy is making money hand over fist from die-hard Saints fans.

    The mindset you’re referring to captures the unknown future of the team in the 9 months after Katrina. A lot has changed in the meantime.

  6. Also, Brian – saying ‘wants out of the city’ is a pretty bold statement. The Benson’s are N.O. natives and have multiple businesses here. He may have considered San Antonio when the city and stadium were in limbo, but if the team was headed anywhere else, he’d sell – which is not in the cards as long as the team is making the money it is now.

  7. The Saints signed a 20 year lease extension with the State of Louisiana. They aren’t going anywhere. There are more holes in this story than swiss cheese.

  8. brian, you don’t have a CLUE what you’re talking about. the superdome is a “dump??” after the moct recent renovations are completed this summer, it’ll be a brand new stadium inside the old shell, at a cost of almost half a billion dollars.

    and to suggest that the city can’t support the team is so ludicrous it’s not even worth responding. seriously, do you do any actual fact gathering or do you just write whatever half-brained thoughts are on your misguided mind?

    it’s irrelevant anyway because they just signed an iron-clad 20 year lease with the state. what a piece of joke journalism.

    it’s unbelievable

  9. The Jaguars aren’t moving. Teams move because of stadium issues. Everbank Field is a modern stadium with plenty of premium seating that an NFL team needs. Why ignore the fact that Minnesota, San Diego, Oakland all have attendance issues and all three are in desperate need of a new stadium?

    And for the people that think Jacksonville does not cares about the Jaguars, what does that say about the eight cities with worse attendance?

    24. Jacksonville – 63,032
    25. Arizona – 62,774
    26. Chicago – 62,195
    27. Cincinnati – 60,364
    28. Minnesota – 58,751
    29. Detroit – 56,285
    30. St. Louis – 52,922
    31. Tampa Bay – 49,314
    32. Oakland – 46,431

  10. Brian.

    Your a jackass theres no way the saints are leaving new orleans where are you getting your info cause you sound like an idiot

  11. Yeah, Brian – you’re an idiot. Saints are forever in New Orleans.

    Yours Truly,

    Saints Season Ticket Holder

  12. As a New Orleanian who works and sleeps in Jacksonville, I can confidently state that neither the Saints nor the Jaguars are going anywhere.

    The Saints recently signed a long-term deal with the state of Louisiana and are committed to New Orleans for at least the next twenty years.

    Regarding the Jaguars, not only has the owner Wayne Weaver made numerous statements that he is committed to Jacksonville, but also the city has an iron-clad lease with the team. The Jaguars would have to pay every cent that the city would lose from tax revenue, game-day revenue, etc. for the next twenty years or so if they leave. Just because you can afford to pay that amount of money doesn’t mean you WANT to.

    Sorry, Toronto. Go after the Bills, Chargers, Raiders, or Vikings.

    Geaux Jaguars and GEAUX SAINTS!

  13. There’s a greater chance of the Blue Jays relocating to New Orleans than the Saints moving to Toronto. Keep dreaming.

  14. Bradley and Rich,

    I reported what I was told by a prominent politician. Try finding a journalism school that won’t teach you to do that.

  15. Digging out a stadium to add more seats is not far-fetched. See the “Conversion for Football” section regarding Eastlands in Manchester.

    You DO lose surface area for the playing surface, though, so…

  16. Well, your first mistake was believing anything a Louisiana politician says lol

  17. HA HA HA HA HA HA …..Saints are going NOWHERE…..we have the Superbowl in 2013, the Superdome is getting a multi-million dollar renovation and Mr. Benson just bought the Benson Towers building next to the dome and it renovating it……this story is a piece of shitzzzzzzz. Any besides, if the WHO DAT NATION has anything to say about it the Saints will never leave New Orleans. WHO DAT GEAUX SAINTS IN NEW ORLEANS FOREVER !!!

  18. Brad,

    I am sure that Rich, Bradley and all the others were responding to the comment from Brian, not your article. It was obvious that you had real doubts about the Ford’s knowledge of the overall situation. Doug Ford is apparently like most politicians that do not consider facts as they just stand in the way of what comes out of their mouths.

  19. Brad, show me a politician that doesnt lie and i will show you a journalism school that wont teach you to do that. The Saints arent going anywheres and as long as the City or the fanbase has a say in they will never go anywheres.

  20. Brad, try finding a journalism school that won’t teach you to fact check before you publish. You could have still posted what Ford said, but focused the story on the glaring discrepancies between Ford’s account and reality. Instead, you gave this “prominent politician” a platform for his uninformed nonsense. Congratulations, you’re now qualified to write for your favorite supermarket tabloid.

    -A native New Orleanian & lifelong fan of the Black and Gold

  21. Brian is sure taking alot of heat. Well what can you expect? STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!!! He must be smoking alot of Toronto bud. SOUNDS LIKE A TYPICAL TORONTIAN?? Does that even sound right?? TORONTIAN?? Anyway, what an idiot!!!

  22. KEEP DREAMING. Why would a team that is spending million and millions of dollars on renovations and building a champions square with awesome restaurants and bar with a waiting list that can fit 4 superdomes leave. This guy is an idiot. WE also have lease with the superdome past 2025. We are the top franchise in the US and you think they will leave! There are not going anywhere soon. ASk Rita Benson. FUNNY!


  23. Brian it is clear you have not been to the superdome after the renovations.

  24. It was probably Governor Blanco that said they saints would leave. She was an idiot and still is an idiot.

    Do these people think it is still 2005????????

    This article is quite amusing and brian is a complete tool!

  25. The Bobby and Dougie Ford show, and their “attempts” to get an NFL team to TO, remind me of the Trailer Park Boys, either Phil and Randy (you have to admit there is a resemblance) and the Dirty Burger or Corey and Trevor with their Convenients Store.

  26. THe waiting list for season tickets is 50 thousand long, the dome is practically new inside and out and as we speak the entire lower level is gutted and is currently being redone to add 3000 more seats and new restuarants and venues. Every nationally televised game of the last 3 years for the Saints is in the top 10 of highest ratings ever, EVER. The world loves the saints, 47 million follow them on twitter , more people than any other professional team of any sport. The writer of this article needs his head examined, Maybe 4 years ago there was talk of the Saints moving, but a lot has happened in 4 years and gladly, the saints arent going anywhere. Ive been a season ticket holder since 2004 and the product has steadily gotten better with more to come. We will win another superbowl in the next two seasons, guarenteed.

  27. Doug Ford and Paul Godfrey are both massive a-holes! Let’s see if the U.S. television networks, that dole out billions in revenues to the NFL, will even consider allowing a team in Toronto, or anywhere’s else outside the U.S.

  28. I completely agree that the Saints are safe and sound in New Orleans, but Mr. Ford’s words had to be relayed.

    A good point was made re: TV money. That is huge. In fact, with billion dollar television contracts reportedly about to double, Toronto’s biggest problem might be that games north of the border don’t benefit Fox, CBS, ESPN and NBC.

  29. Great article. We would need pizza hut in the stadium though or I’d never be coming.

  30. Sorry, but the Saints are staying in New Orleans. Our attendance is busting at the seams, and this city will do whatever it takes to keep our beloved team here. Get your own team!

  31. To be fair about Oakland’s attendance they only got an NFL team back last year. For the previous 8 seasons no one is sure what the hell that was supposed to be…

  32. This might be Canada’s wish list but the writer of this article obviously did terrible due diligence regarding the Saints. As stated, they have a huge wait list, have an agreement with the state, are making improvements to make the dome less mediocre, and the owners do not intend to sell upon Tom Bensons death. They are set till at least 2025.

  33. It’s pretty sad how many commenters are attributing the quotes from a politician to the author of this post. I know your panties are tightly bunched at the thought of losing the Saints but take two seconds and actually read the post.

  34. The writer isn’t suggesting the Saints move, he is merely quoting Mr. Ford.

    With respect to Mr. Ford, he is obviously clueless. He says they will pursue a team “once they take care of Los Angeles”. Does he realize how long that will be. They have been trying to take care of LA for 16 years and not one piece of dirt has been turned over on a new stadium.

  35. I think it is clear ford is jackass. If you know that why post such a stupid article on it..

    Is this some type of fake newspaper or something.

  36. I do not see anywhere in the comments where they are using the ford quotes as the authors?

    I see a lot of talk to brian… The guy doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  37. Brad, any good journalist worth his/her salt would have done some research and would have refuted what Ford said, not print it as reality. Even if it’s Ford’s reality. Do more research before you write something. You obviously didn’t do any on the saints real situation. if Ford would have said the world was flat, that would have been your story?!? Wow. Do more homework before you write. Weak!

  38. You idiots.

    Someone from NFL Canada told Ford that he or she believes the Saints are a team that could relocate to Toronto. THAT’S the reality. There’s nothing to verify. You think Tom Benson’s going to say, “Well Brad, we’ve considered it.” No. He isn’t reporting that the Saints are on the radar — he’s reporting that someone said the Saints are on the radar. This is perfectly normal.

    Ignoring these quotes would have been criminal. It’s not the journalist’s job to REFUTE stories.

  39. This blog is a joke.

  40. “Ignoring these quotes would have been criminal. It’s not the journalist’s job to REFUTE stories”

    It isn’t refuting a story, it’s a basic fact.

    The Saints are locked into a long term contract., not just with the city of New Orleans but with the state of Louisiana. The Super Dome is seeing massive renovations. The waiting list for tickets is years long and thousands deep. This guy saying “New Orleans is in play” was factually incorrect on every level. It isn’t. That franchise is completely off the radar in terms of moving, it’s generating tons of money and seeing great success right where it is.

    • the only “idiots” are not the Fords but anybody who would pay money to watch what has been a joke masquerading as a football team in this city (Argonauts)-even when Flutie was here (the so called “glory” days) this team couldn’t sell out–if we can’t land an NFL team than I’d rather watch nothing over the Argonuts

  41. The reality is Toronto has the market for an NFL team and the bottom line is the NFL is all about the money

  42. i clicked the link thinking there was talk the saints @ jags game this yr would move to be played in toronto… little did i know i would find something even dumber…

    the best part is defensive brad trying to take a shot @ saints fans with a saying twenty yrs old… no saints fan has their “panties in a bunch” cause there afraid they are gonna lose their team… unlike you they have a slight clue about reality… and if you did have a clue you would have ripped the quote after reporting it, the fact u didnt shows u took it at face value…

  43. Thanks for visiting our little Canadian sports network’s site! Don’t worry, we all agree that Doug Ford is an idiot and that the Saints aren’t going anywhere, we’re sorry that this article you found on Google made you angry. All of you New Orlean-ers can go back to chanting U-S-A and celebrating Bin Laden’s death now and we’ll do our best not to be noticed by you again.


    The nation above you

  44. As a Saints fan I take no issue with the reporter of this article. Doug ford strikes me as one of those people who promises the moon to drum up some excitement for his cause. I love how he has an answer for every question. The best part though is the take care of Los Angeles part. Toronto, if you are being told the NFL is going to resolve issues in LA before you get a team, well then you are never getting a team. That is lip service from the league. Most of you remember how badly the league tried to award a new team to LA only to have to place it in Houston instead because no one from Southern Cal put together a strong enough bid. Bottom line, the league is putting Toronto off and a local politician is taking what they are saying and creating a fantastic story of a franchise and Super Bowl in Ontario.

  45. Dude, whoever says the Saints are leaving New Orleans are out of their damn mind. The Saints ARE New Orleans and vice versa. There’s no way IN HELL that they move. Toronto, you don’t want a New Orleans riot come up to ya!

  46. The fact that this Ford guy is coming out specifically naming teams that are definitely in the running to relocate to Toronto just shows exactly why no team should go there. Just stick to hockey, CFL, and whatever other “teams” you have there. Ay!

  47. The story isn’t that the Saints are moving, it’s that people in high places are discussing that the Saints are a possible mover. That’s all the author is saying. And someone said he should have ripped him after the quote? This isn’t a column, it’s just an article. Author was trying not to be biased, when it’s sort of obvious when you read between the lines that he himself thinks the counselor’s comments are outrageous.

  48. I appreciate Ford’s passion. Yeah, he’s a loudmouth and prolly shouldn’t have said that info, but I do like that we have a mayor and other politicians who want to get this done. Would be great for ontario’s economy.

  49. Obviously- Obviously you still don’t get it. The Saints will never be a possible mover. Ford probably wants the Saints but he can keep dreaming. I mean seriously who doesn’t want them.
    Los angeles, san antonio, now canada…. Who is next. London????

  50. hey ur blog is even getting ripped apart on espn now… in the blog world thats all that counts, dont ever let facts get in the way of a good blog post…

  51. Attendance for NFL in Toronto:

    August 14, 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Buffalo Bills 24 Rogers Centre 48,434[19]
    August 19, 2010 Indianapolis Colts 21 Buffalo Bills 34 Rogers Centre 39,583[20]
    [edit] Regular season games
    Date Visitor Score Home Score Stadium Attendance
    December 7, 2008 Miami Dolphins 16 Buffalo Bills 3 Rogers Centre 52,134[21]
    December 3, 2009 New York Jets 19 Buffalo Bills 13 Rogers Centre 51,567[22]
    November 7, 2010 Chicago Bears 22 Buffalo Bills 19 Rogers Centre 50,746[23]

    That’s woeful. Gotta do a bit better if you want an NFL team.

    This article needed about 5 more “(Editor’s note:)’s
    I love Toronto and hope they get a team but I also hope they don’t get held hostage by the NFL as so any other American cities have in the past. If you’re going to do it, do it right, through expansion. Get a home grown team and don’t force the cost on the state.

  52. I agree it was wishful thinking by Ford:::::

    look at article on espn already… Saints to Toronto? NOT A CHANCE…

  53. Poor Jacksonville is left out in the cold. Where are those fans?

    Oh well! goodbye

  54. You know a blog is a joke when fellow bloggers/colleagues complement each other in the comments.

    “Great post brad!”

  55. In related news, crack is bad for you.

  56. In other news, crack is bad for you.

  57. People, it’s Ford who’s getting ripped apart, not the blog. 99 percent of this post has nothing to do with the Saints, and it’s good stuff.

  58. Brad – As a working journalist in the city of New Orleans, I offer this advice: Simply presenting the words of a politician is not journalism. That’s called being a parrot.

    Journalists examine the information and present it with necessary context. You talked to Greg Aiello for clarification on the stadium – simple research would have given you the information to dispute the claims of moving the Saints the same way you refuted other parts of his statements.

  59. The Jaguars are not leaving Jacksonville. It’s just not happening.

  60. Dan, uhm, not sure how close you’re following football lately, but New Orleans? hahaha.

    No way does that happen, not in 5 years, not in 50 years,

    The Saints signed a new agreement with the state of Louisiana in 2009 that runs through 2025. The deal includes an option for five years beyond that.

    Part of the 2009 agreement called for Saints owner Tom Benson to buy and refurbish two office buildings that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and Champions Square was built next to the Superdome. The deal also included more than $300 million in upgrades to the Superdome. The first series of upgrades was performed last offseason and the final stage is taking part right now.

    It’s all part of a plan that helped earn New Orleans the right to host the 2013 Super Bowl.

    They’ve sold out every game since the re-opening of the Superdome in 2006 and have a lengthy waiting list for season tickets.

    You really think New Orleans is looking to elocate?

  61. hello, Jacksonville sold out EVERY game last season. Where are the fans? At the games! Jacksonville will not be left out in the cold.

    You really want proof that the Jaguars are not going anywhere? Here it is!

    And it’s even LESS likely that the Saints are leaving New Orleans.

    Like I said before, go after the Chargers, Vikings, Raiders, or Bills.

  62. Saints fan and NOLA resident here…good post…I see nothing wrong with your work…seems that u a agree with the majority that this politician guy is a blowhard.

    Pay no mind to these negative commenters who usually populate, Saints Report, and Tiger Droppings. They are good people, they just fire before they aim.

  63. Mr. Ford said, someone from NFL Canada told him that? What the heck is NFL Canada, anyway? If they even exist, they must be pretty low on the NFL information ladder.

  64. There is no NFL Canada?!

  65. Well CD i hope your right about the jags. I hear from people who live there who could careless about the jags. I mean geez we got a block of tickets being sold to us from the jags ticket office to go the game next season. We got more than 50 tickets being sold to another teams fans just because we called and asked! LUCKY CHANCE! 60 BUCKS a piece you can not beat that. Cheapest NFL ticket i have EVER purchased. You won’t be able to that anywhere else.

    Best of luck!

  66. I am a Jaguars fan and we get group tickets all the time to road games. Back in the 96 playoffs, we got a whole section in Buffalo. This year we’ll be heading to Atlanta and Carolina. It’s a regular practice everywhere.

  67. Don’t worry, Toronto won’t get a NFL team until after Hamilton gets a NHL team!

  68. This is a misleading, poorly sourced piece of writing even given the fact it is filed under “commentary” and on a “blog”. What are you, new? Give your head a shake.

  69. All my friends follow NFL like crazy we should have a team here

  70. If Toronto gets an NFL team, they’ll want an NHL team next! *rimshot*

    In other news, RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!!

  71. Well done Brad!

  72. Becasue what Toronto really needs is another team whcih is the only Canadian team in a US franchise.

    Look at the rankings for the Blue Jays or the Raptors how well the perform. At least the Raptors bring in ticket sales.
    Then the Leafs, which perform poorly but get sales while almost noone really cares about he Toronto FC or Toronto Rock.

    In the past we had an XFL and AFL team and now a LFL team. why can’t we just be happy with the CFL which actually wins sometimes.

    An NFL team sounds great but won’t amount to much we are better off just throwing more support into our existing teams. However getting the Super-bowl would be pretty awesome.

  73. Ryan get a life! Do you sit around and watch that much tv?

  74. why am I posting on the score this network sucks

  75. I must be depressed!!!!!

  76. Native New Orleanian here. This stuff with Ford went viral today in New Orleans and has reached Saints fans all over the world. I am not upset with this whole thing because it is simply laughable. Sounds like y’all understand that the Saints are not in play. I am not a big fan of Benson, but since Katrina, I will reference you to WVUE Fox 8, Dominion Tower, and Champions Square, to say nothing of the Superdome re-furb. Google it all and you will see that Benson and the Saints are more firmly entrenched in the city than ever before.

  77. It is bad enough that the Ford brothers embarrass the city on a local level, but now they are doing so intentionally? Hope your happy suburbia!

    My question is why the media is taking these idiots seriously. They were elected on a simple message, with no substance behind it. They have preached their asses off about the Sheppard Subway being built with “private money” yet still no plan of substance has come forward to solve the problem (gee… I wonder why…). Same thing with the NFL thing… they can preach all they want about a new stadium being built, but it isn’t happening.

  78. The NFL has ignored Toronto for over 30 years, and has been out of L.A. since 1995. Sounds like the NFL can ignore any city it wants for however long it wants.

    Who in their right mind would actually pay a seat license to finance a 75,000 seat stadium for a team that doesn’t exist and may never exist? Who would be that stupid?

    And I’d love to be a fly on the wall to hear Doug Ford’s pitch to Goodell in New York just to hear the NFL guys laugh their heads off after Ford leaves.

  79. I live in jacksonville Fl and I am a season ticket holder, trust me when I tell you that the Jags are NOT leaving Jacksonville, and YES we did sell oit every game last year. Go after another team maybe the Bills?

  80. If the Jaguars do move. I cannot blame them. For years Jax people cried for a NFL team. And they showed how much they wanted a team by keeping the stadium look like a empty parking lot.

  81. To all the people from New Orleans who read this:

    On behalf of those in Toronto who actually have a brain, we apologise for the Ford brothers. They basically got elected by people too stupid to know better, and now make a living by putting their feet in their mouths.

    To all the Jaguars fans:

    Sorry, but you’re going to lose your team to LA in under five years.

    To Brad:

    I feel sorry for you for even having to put up with that moron.

    To Doug Ford:

    Just go away.

  82. People that do not live in Jacksonville do notknow the REAl story, we are not movint to LA or Canada or anywhere else, maybe people should listen to Wayne Weaver when he speaks. The Jags ARE staying in Jacksonville, end of story,

  83. “Andy Booth says:05.06.11 @ 6:54 AM EDT If the Jaguars do move. I cannot blame them. For years Jax people cried for a NFL team. And they showed how much they wanted a team by keeping the stadium look like a empty parking lot.”

    What are you talking about? Check last year’s attendance number. Jacksonville had higher attendance than eight other teams. The Raiders and Bucs averaged over 10k less fans per game than the Jags did.

  84. To the citizens of Toronto:

    We in New Orleans understand your problem with the Ford Brothers. We had Ray Nagin.

    No need to apologize.

    Makes me wonder if they are related.

  85. Bernie is right on that, all of the Bucs games were black out last season, not one Jags game was.

  86. I love Liz’s optimism, but we’re all connected via the web nowadays, hunny. We know what’s going on in Jacksonville and attendance isn’t the whole story in terms of relocation. And please don’t quote an owner when talking about how your team is planning on staying. What do you think the guy’s going to say?

    The point is, there’s far more corporate money in LA and TO and Weaver and other owners know it. They can make far more money in those big-time cities, so it’s just a matter of time…

  87. Dear America’s Hat,

    Don’t be mad that America stole all your hockey teams and make stuff up about Jacksonville. Don’t you guys play futbol up there, or something? This is American football. You wouldn’t understand. So why don’t you go shoot off some bottle rockets and watch Terrence and Phillip. When did you guys get the internet up there, anyways?


    Jacksonville, USA

  88. A slow news day and a post-draft void will allow for any despert bloogger to get his 10 seconds of fame. This isn’t even worth debating, but the fact that we are just points to the fact that we need our fix. Now, the Siants moving? Lets forget the fact that they have won a recent SB and have been Americas new team after that little storm blew through, while pulling everyone south of the frozen waste lands heart strings! How do you still feel when you see the the Colts and the Mayflower vans pulling out of Balt.? Still hurts even non Balt. fans and a black eye the league still has. Can you imagine the back lash if that played out in New Orleans, with the fans already about to pull out over a lock out that is gonna sting the NFL for years to come? And it’s getting old and worn out to hear all these talking heads mention the Jaugars everytime something like this is brought up. It’s easy to jump on a rumor and copy and paste your articals and commits to be the first to get some air time, self promote yourself and your 10 sec. of fame. But please, just a little research would stop you from looking like a complete idiot and dreamer. Jacksonville will not be going anywhere! The defacto reason…””, and with the sun, beaches, golf, a SB, league meetings, NFL brass owning home here,….well, good luck with that!(Tronoto and LA). Enough said!.. My 10 seconds…

  89. “Tim says:05.06.11 @ 12:05 PM EDT

    The point is, there’s far more corporate money in LA and TO and Weaver and other owners know it. They can make far more money in those big-time cities, so it’s just a matter of time…”

    Thats great but did you know there are more Fortune 500 companies in Jacksonville than in Tampa?

  90. This is unbelievable. You already have an NBA team, Toronto. This is so typical.

    I really can’t believe I’m reading this. What about us? It’s Montreal’s turn now. Plus, with our French background and all, it makes sense for the Saints to relocate to us.

    Brad – this is the rumor going around town right now. Please report this.

  91. @ Montreal Native .. lol yes Montreal is quite a nice city.. but aN NFL team in a french speaking market in north america? i dont think so, Mexico has a better chance than Montreal as per the latino population in the US. but Toronto has a great chance

  92. The NFL will never succeed in Canada. It might be popular for the first years but will drop like every other sport. This is a hockey market, not a football one. Toronto fans aren’t prepared for more losing. How about fixing up the existing franchises first and then considering this. Only then will sports become attractive in this city.

  93. It would be a waste of time to put an NFL team in Toronto (even though nearly every Torontoian thinks their American)… This is a hockey town! They won’t support the Argonauts or the Blue Jays, So what makes any think they will support the NFL. Unless the Leafs mve!

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  99. The Ford brothers sure are excited about getting an NFL team. They should try their best a do it right. Thru expansion. Stealing a team from another city is ugly and unethical. Lots of time, money, and downright worship goes into creating an NFL franchise. No one wants there team to up and leave them. The story should be why don’t the Ford brothers use their political power to force the Argonauts to petition to join the NFL directly. YES the Argonauts. They are a football team that plays in the ever growing and much older Canadian Football League. That team is owned by another Canadian politician who happens to be the owner of TWO Canadian teams. THAT would NEVER happen in the States. Boy, it would look really bad if say Senator John Kerry and the Heinz family bought the Steelers and then bought the Seahawks. Would not EVER EVER happen. Yet you have a rich politician who owns TWO CFL franchises and is running one into the ground (happens to be the Argonauts). The Ford brothers need to look at their own city and their own historic professional football program. Stop messing with other peoples passions. Force the owner of the Argonauts to join the NFL at all cost or sell the team to someone who will.

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