Colossally momentous failures can be just as much fun–and sometimes just as important–to remember as triumphant victories. For those of us on the outside, it’s good for a cheap chuckle, and the failings of others can remind us that maybe we don’t have it quite so bad. And for those directly involved, remembering the struggles make the eventual victory that much sweeter.

That’s the glass half full approach at least, and that’s presumably the motivation behind an hour-long documentary looking back on the epically painful mess that was the Minnesota Vikings 2010. Titled Skol and set to debut at a free public showing on May 19, the documentary meanders through the entire season, from the Randy Moss trade, to Moss’ release, the firing of Brad Childress, a roof caving in, and the dong shots of an aging, decomposing quarterback (did I miss anything?).

A quick browse through the documentary’s website explains the odd title, and gives the impression that this isn’t necessarily meant as a cleansing experience to finalize a horrific event. The viewing will more so be one of bonding, with a unique and passionate fan base drawn together through their shared experience. The team’s 50th season is relived through fan interviews, including Ragnar, their thinly-clothed mascot. A University of Minnesota professor is also interviewed and asked a question we’ve all wasted an hour or two trying to answer: why do the people of Minnesota love football so much?

Apologies for getting far too serious and a little sociological here, but after watching the trailer and a few of the other clips available on the film’s Facebook page, I’m going down to the Columbia Heights Theater and camping out in line to see this…