A grainy shot of Favre from an interview at a youth football camp in Mississippi.

Brett Favre is finally gone. From the NFL. At least on the field. In an interview with WDAM TV in Hattiesburg, Favre seemed unsure about his non-football future:

“It could be coaching, it could be TV,” Favre said. “Both of those are probably unlikely, at least any time soon. I don’t see myself becoming a full-time coach any time soon at any level.”

It does sound as though Favre, who filed his retirement papers in January, is finally confident that his football career is over. And even if he does have second thoughts, it’s unlikely that he’ll find a team willing to take a chance on his 41-year-old arm. No. 4 will not accept a backup job.

“Will I get bored in whatever it is I’m doing? I  probably will,” Favre told the cameras at a local youth football camp.

Well that’s good, because Tomlinson and I have brainstormed a few potential new careers for the NFL’s all-time leading passer:

UPDATE: Sometimes a slow Friday inspires creativity. That’s what happens for most people. Our creativity today came in the form of a few emails to GLS Photoshop expert Mike Tinning, who put together these fantastic and exclusive images of Favre’s future career possibilities.

1. Wal-Mart greeter — There are three stores in Favre’s hometown of Hattiesburg.

2. Real-estate agent — Old people do it, and he can check in and out whenever he pleases.

3. Michael Scott’s replacement on “The Office” — Sorry people, it’s been a very slow day.