• The Chargers are reportedly interested in Steve Smith, the Panthers wide receiver who hasn’t been shy about expressing his frustration with the direction of the team. That interest can be categorized as “wait-and-see” for now, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Funny, that’s the same approach we’re all taking towards the entire 2011 season.
  • Jimmy Smith could have been selected a lot higher in this year’s draft, and walked away with his pockets feeling a lot heavier if there weren’t serious doubts about this commitment and work ethic. Don’t worry though, Ravens fans, because when Ray Lewis takes your first round pick under his wing, he’s in good hands. Lewis is way too scary to piss off.
  • Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt and Coach Mike Munchak took questions from season ticket holders in a conference call. Somewhere amongst the queries about Stephen Tulloch‘s future was some poor soul wondering if Tennessee will re-sign Randy Moss. You’ll be shocked by the answer (blatant spoiler: no you won’t).
  • Lions seasons ticket sales are going rather swimmingly just in time for a labour mess. But assuming this debacle gets resolved and we have a full 2011 season, it’s good to hear that Lions fans won’t be the laughingstock of the league anymore. Actually, no it isn’t. The NFL is much more fun when Detroit is losing… (Warning: some rare GLS NSFW language. I know, we’re so badass.)
  • Tampa Bay’s schedule could become a parade of rookie quarterbacks.
  • Arrowhead Addict thinks little known fullback Shane Bannon will be this year’s Rocky for the Chiefs. What? That doesn’t make sense? Well I guess you should click on the link then.
  • Rex Ryan‘s whirlwind book promotion tour continued with an appearance on Fox news with Sean Hannity. Hannity makes Ryan look like a boring stiff, which I once thought was impossible.
  • Sometimes, a really awesome picture is all it takes to warrant linkage. That leads us to Music City Miracles, which unearthed this exclusive picture of Jake Locker feeding his offensive line during his University of Washington days.
  • It’s still far too early to effectively assess the draft, so it’s also far too early to evaluate who won and lost the various trades conducted throughout the draft weekend. But what else are we going to do? Exactly. So for now, it looks like the Lions won their trade with the Seahawks.

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