Technically, teams can’t talk to soon-to-be free agent Nnamdi Asomugha, but Asomugha is on the verge of becoming one of the most sought after free agents in NFL history, so the rumor mill continues to swirl despite the work stoppage.

It’s still hard to believe that the Raiders were silly/sloppy enough to let Asomugha, who’s arguably the best cornerback in football, become an unrestricted free agent, but the strange turn of events has given the media something to talk about during these quiet times.

This weekend, the Asomugha rumors became louder. Here’s the latest:

There’s a growing belief that Asomugha will end up in the NFC East

From Adam Schefter’s Monday mailbag:

“Asomugha is the top free agent available. Every single team in the league would want him, but there are only a handful of realistic destinations for him. My sense is that topping the list are three NFC East teams: Philadelphia, Dallas and Washington. Each could use a superior cornerback, failed to land a front-line cornerback in last month’s draft, has shown the ability to spend money in the past and will not want to see Asomugha on a division rival.”

The most popular rumor is that the two-time All-Pro will land in Philadelphia (he and Asante Samuel would make up one hell of a duo).

The Cowboys could chase Asomugha for two reasons

Over the weekend, Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News wrote about the possibility that the Cowboys could go after Asomugha, partly to prevent him from joining the rival Eagles:

“They already need help at cornerback and the fear of Asomugha landing in enemy hands — the hands of an NFC East rival, no less — could provide added motivation for the Cowboys if they decide to launch an aggressive campaign to sign the talented three-time Pro Bowler.”

Both teams took a corner in the draft, but neither addressed the position in the first two rounds.

Other Asomugha notes