Last week, former Redskins running back Willie Parker ripped his ex-team:

“[In Washington] they weren’t about football; they were about partying and stuff like that. When you’ve got one person trying to come in and be straight about football, I mean, it’s never gonna work. You appreciate Pittsburgh a little bit more after going somewhere else and seeing what another team has to offer.”

Apparently, the one person trying to be straight about football Parker was referring to wasn’t Willie Parker.

In a blog post from the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg entitled “Willie Parker was out in the club,” Steinberg relays an interesting reaction quote from current Redskin Rocky McIntosh:

“Man, I seen Willie Parker in the club when he was here,” Parker said Monday on Mike Wise’s 106.7 The Fan radio show. “Everybody’s human, man, everybody goes out and has a good time. But when it comes down to game time, I can tell you that all these guys are focused on the task at hand, just trying to get it done, put their best foot forward.”

It’s obvious that Parker was just talking out of his ass in an attempt to trash his former team, but that shouldn’t be overly surprising. The more important point here is that we continue to equate being in nightclubs with a lack of focus.

I go to bars and clubs on weekends, and I can assure you that it doesn’t affect my ability to write posts on this blog.

I’d estimate that 90 percent of professional athletes go to bars and clubs on weekends, and I can assure you that it usually doesn’t affect their ability to perform on Sundays.

The problem is that there’s a faction of basement-dwelling fans that believe athletes that go out and have fun in their free time are somehow not fully committed to winning championships. There is no connection between the two.

And don’t tell me that when athletes run into legal trouble, it’s usually when they’re partying. Because when bankers and custodians and writers and nurses get into legal trouble, it’s usually when they’re doing the exact same thing.