• The word “enigma” is a fun adjective often used to describe an athlete whose performance is unpredictable. Sometimes it’s used far too often, but Randy Moss seems like an appropriate target. As we’ve written many times, at 34 years old a decline in production is certainly expected, but elite wide receivers can still post above average numbers when they’re on the wrong side of 35 (i.e. Terrell Owens). But partly because he’s a jerk, and mostly because he was stuck in terrible offences, we saw Moss take a steep tumble in 2011, when only one year ago he was still among the elite. Could he fit in with the Rams?
  • Reggie Bush said he was joking when he tweeted that he’s enjoying his rest and relaxation during the lockout. I believe him, as most reasonable people would. But in a stale news period where the smallest player comment on the lockout generates headlines, I have to wonder why any prominent player would post a message that’s so blatantly obvious in its potential to stir the Internet trolls. Perhaps he just enjoys seeing his Twitter and Facebook feeds jammed with venom.
  • Our forefathers once spoke of the day that the NHL would be given even an ounce of influence over NFL labour talks. According to folklore, this day is followed by 72 hours of darkness, and then the rapture will commence.
  • The league filed a 72-page document yesterday to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The main argument repeated the familiar refrain that lifting the lockout and allowing transactions without a labour agreement will cause chaos.
  • Congratulations, Alex Magee, you’re the 10th Buccaneer to be arrested since January 2010.
  • Gus Johnson is officially out at CBS and is taking his talents to Fox. Those who watch the NFC closely are quite excited, including Bleeding Green Nation, the Eagles blog that relayed this fantastic video with a classic Gus mash-up at the end…
  • Phin Phinatic wants the Dolphins to stick with Chad Henne, and stay away from the crop of quarterbacks available through either free agency or trades if/when transactions are finally permitted during this offseason.
  • As an NFL blogger it’s pretty much against the law if we don’t read every Pro Football Talk post. So I’m really going to enjoy the Team PFT updates, as Mike Florio keeps the entire football blogosphere posted on the latest happenings in youth baseball, and the record of the team sponsored by the website. You can groan about the lockout reducing us to youth baseball if you wish, but I choose to embrace it. Anyone want to sign up for Team GLS?

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