Football and beer go together like pants and legs. One is lost and helpless without the other.

For brewers, restaurants, and pubs, the equation for success from September to early February each year is mind-blowingly simple. Men like beer and men watch football, so develop some gimmick to get men to drink beer and watch football at your establishment on Sundays, and those same men will put your kids through college.

But as Darren Rovell tells us, one restaurant chain has tried to get creative during the NFL lockout, and it could backfire big time. All Beef O’Brady’s in Florida and Mississippi decided to hand out one minute of free beer (Bud Light, of course, the official beer of the NFL) for every day the lockout continues. The happy minute(s) start at 4 p.m. ET, and end whenever they end.

We’re now on Day 61 of the lockout, and those happy minutes have turned into a happy hour. Yes, a full hour of free beer.

Bob Thenelius owns two of the restaurants in Mississippi, and he told Rovell that the cost of the promotion hasn’t grown to astronomical proportions yet.

“Yesterday, we gave away about six free pitchers and luckily there hasn’t been anyone coming in just to drink free beer.”

What is wrong with you people?!? Treat this as a gift from the beer companies that have sucked away your hard earned dollars all these years, and a blessing from the brown-bottled gods. Only six pitchers is an embarrassment.

When this marketing ploy eventually does drive a hole through the pocket of Thenelius and others, they can at least take solace in the fact that there’s been far worse promotional fails. Did you ever buy a Panasonic Woody?