• I seem to recall that Brett Favre is looking for a new career, and our sources tell us that he’s fallen on hard times after striking out at Wal-Mart, on the set of ‘The Office,” and at local real estate agencies. So it makes sense that Favre’s agent Bus Cook told USA Today his client would “obviously be delighted” to coach and mentor Cam Newton. But as Will Brinson of CBSSports points out, it’s still hard to envision Favre doing anything where he’s not the focal point of attention.
  • Not too long ago if you surveyed over 2,000 people and found out that their interest in watching football this fall had significantly declined, I would have told you to get back on the phone and make 2,000 more calls. But now it’s hard to be surprised by the findings in a recent Harris poll.
  • If we were all like Chad Ochocino, the world would just fold in a matter of months. Consider for a moment what you do when you’re bored. You might grab a book, watch a movie, or go for a jog. There are many other options for the reasonable, normal person, but instead in the four months since Ocho was last on a football field for a competitive snap he’s tried out for an MLS soccer team, and now professional bull riding is on tap.
  • While Ochocino is busy breaking bones on top of a bull, St. Louis Rams linebacker Bryan Kehl has found a different, and far more important way to spend his free time in this twisted offseason. He found his biological father.
  • There’s nothing wrong with players–and especially veteran players–enjoying their extended summer vacation provided by the lockout. But with the legal wrangling slowly moving forward, and hardcore football fans growing more frustrated as the offseason progresses without free agency, it’s hard to understand why players are so willing to talk publicly about their fun in the sun.
  • It’s been a busy offseason for NFL daughters. First Doug Flutie‘s daughter Alexa made the cut and became a Patriots cheerleader, and now Angela Rypien will be coming to a football field near you dressed in lingerie. Yes, the daughter of two-time Super Bowl winning Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien will be under center for the Seattle Mist.
  • We’d include a picture gallery of Angela because we know that’s the only reason you care about this breaking news story, or we’d maybe even devote a whole separate post to this investigative report. But quality pics were difficult to find (and believe me, I tried). Luckily, Busted Coverage is always reliable when it comes to these important matters, and they found a couple.

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