Saints owner Tom Benson and his wife, Gayle, met Pope Benedict XVI during Holy Week. As is customary, Benson kissed the pope’s Fisherman’s ring, but then Benson busted out his own famous ring.

From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

“I said to him I’d like to show you my ring,” Benson recalled Wednesday.

A Vatican picture captures the moment, with the leader of 2 billion Catholics bending slightly to examine the proffered Super Bowl ring. A couple of cardinals are close by.

“I told him what it was, you know? It’s a Super Bowl ring. And he understood that, right, darling?” Benson said to Gayle in an interview at Saints training camp.

Meantime — and here Benson is chuckling at the memory — “There’s this cardinal laughing too. He couldn’t believe I would do that.”

No word on if Benson asked the pope to kiss it.

(Via Shutdown Corner)