• Forgive me for not being up on my 80′s cover bands, but apparently The Molly Ringwalds are kind of a big deal. That doesn’t really matter though, because in this clip they’re just the audience for Sean Payton‘s story about his son’s reaction to the Saints trading back into the first round to select Mark Ingram: (via Canal Street Chronicles)
  • Sure it’s been fun to watch the Donovan McNabb mess unfold in Washington and speculate as to where he’ll continue his career once he’s inevitably traded, but have we considered that he could be done?
  • Patriots owner Robert Kraft thinks the lockout is reaching a breaking point with fans.
  • For the past two years the Cowboys have drafted players who are coming into the NFL with varying degrees of injury baggage, putting management in the position of possibly being overzealous and taking on too much risk. Jerry Jones doesn’t see it that way (of course he doesn’t), and thinks his boys have an advantage due to the quality of their training staff.
  • Jay Cutler won’t be inviting Brian Urlacher and some other defensive veterans to the Bears’ player-organized offseason workouts. But don’t fret, you nervous Chicago fans, he actually has a good reason for the exclusion.
  • In other workout news, Jake Locker plans to make an appearance on a Tennessee high school field near you sometime in the not-so-distant future.
  • The Ravens would have selected safety Rahim Moore had he been available when they were on the clock in the second round.
  • Arrowhead Pride observes that in just a few years, the passionate sports fans of Kansas City may face a problem on Sundays in the fall that they haven’t faced for nearly two decades: a tough decision between football and baseball.

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